Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Feel So Spring Has Sprung

It is SPRING!!!!

This time of year always reminds me of the Frank Sintara song, "You Make Me Feek So Young."  I first heard it as a girl when I was taking voice lessons.  Yes, voice lessons.  No, I can not sing, but my parents indulged me, bless their hearts.  I wanted to sound like Pat Benatar.  My teacher made me sound like Tony Bennet.  A flat, tone-deaf Tony Bennet.  I did become familiar with some old standards though, which I came to appreciate later.

With the change in the weather, I have taken every opportunity to go outside.

I dined al fresco.  On macaroni-n-cheese and apple slices in the backyard.  I have heard that meat will be grilled out there soon, but the story is unsubstantiated.  I'll know more at the weekend.

I took up jogging.  In tight, counter-clockwise circles around the patio furniture, pushing Sam on his bicycle (which he can not pedal), while he squealed, "Really, really fast, Mommy!  Really, really fast!"

I participated in a scientific study on the effects of vitamin D on intelligence.  I sat in the sun and completed the New York Times Crossword Puzzle.  But it was only the "easy" Monday puzzle.  The results are inconclusive.  More research must be done.

So, you see, I have been busy-busy.

How about you?  Has your Spring sprung?  And, how do you plan to take advantage of it?


  1. Oh, goody! I want to participate in the Vitamin D research! However, I suspect it might find that it makes me sleepy rather than smart. I've got a big new hammock calling my name!

  2. We packed up the kids and walked. MILES. To the barbershop for haircuts. To the library. To the store. My legs hate me...

  3. Ah, you're full of zeal and humour for spring. That's the best kind of jogging - no one can laugh at you. What a super idea to keep citrus fruits on your desk. I may have to drag my own morale along likewise.

  4. Well, you can see where Michael Buble learned his tricks. He and Frank both eat vowels for breakfast! But a catchy song, I like it!
    It has actually been colder here than in February, but March can be like that. We actually had tiny snowflakes this morning. The kids are home for March break this week, so I'm going to get them to help me clean the kitchen. Does that count as 'taking advantage'?

  5. With the cold over here in the last few days the carnage on the bird-life is truly unbelievable.
    The other morning I was a bit late in getting up, but when I did release to Hound into what looked like a hot summers day. She knocked sparks of the ground with the speed to get out, only to put on the brakes turn in mid air and return faster that she when. You could almost see her saying 'Yikes, F**** this for a game of soldiers, Brrrrrrrr'.

  6. We are finally seeing the sun too! HOLLAH!!!!!

    My children came home from school yesterday and stayed OUTSIDE till I called them in for dinner! I LOVE THAT!

  7. Dreamfarm Girl: If I had a hammock I would fall sound asleep while the children swung on it.

    Drea: You're legs will get over it.

    Mise: A morale boost will come quite naturally once it is sunny enough.

    Rebecca: If your children have ever used that kitchen, and by used, I mean eaten anything prepared there, than asking them to help you scour it is NOT "taking advantage" in my book.

    Vince: It must be cold, since I am assuming Hound has fur.

    Jill: When I was a kid, we only had to be home when the street lights came on. Back when the neighborhoods were (or thought to be) safer.

    Thank you everyone for stopping by.