Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am no Gladys Kravitz

Last week, I confessed to being a neighborhood nosy pants.  I told you about my kitty-corner-across-the-street neighbors, Dave and Amy, who's (alleged) marital spat led to some (alleged) difficulty with their recycling.  (Allegedly.)    Well, guess what?  Last Sunday, Dave and Amy had a baby.  Not an alleged baby.  A real honest to goodness baby.  I didn't even know Amy was pregnant!  Hmm.  How nosy can I be?

I went over with a lasagna and an "It's a Boy" balloon.  Dave and Amy and baby Ethan are all doing fine.  Only my reputation is bruised. 


  1. Oh funny! Any time I look out the windows the Mister asks me if I'm being Mrs. Kravitz...then he comes and looks with me! LOL!

  2. LOL. I don't have much time to watch my neighbors, but if I have any who watch us I'm sure they get hours of entertainment. Especially when we are trying to get the kids into the car. It's like trying to put a cat in a sweater...Injuries are generally a given to the person trying to get Isabel into her carseat. ;)