Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First Award

I won.  An award.  For my blog.  THIS blog.  It is true.  Yipee!

This is the Honest Scrap Award.  Yes, at first I thought it was the Honest Crap Award too, but it is not.  This is for real.  The Honest Scrap Award is "for bloggers who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul."  I would like to humbly (yes, a stretch, I know) thank Kate over at Calamity, Kids, and Other Stuff for passing it to me.  She really is full of heart and soul, that one.  No, seriously.  Go over and check her out.  But not yet.  I have Honest Scrap business to attend to.

You see, with awards come obligations.  I am to pass the award on to another worthy blogger, which I do at the end, and I am supposed to write ten honest things about (my favorite subject) me.  Note, it says honest.  I had to  break a sweat, but this is my list.

1.  I had twenty-one paying jobs between the ages of seventeen and thirty-five.  Some were concurrent.

2.  I have lived in twenty-five different houses/apartments in eight different towns.  Eighteen of those houses and five of those towns have been since adulthood.

3.  I am really good at trivia games.  Scary good.  But I have never been able to beat my mother at Scrabble.  I am waiting for her to get old and lose her mind.

4.  There are at least a dozen people who knew me, before I knew Jesus, who would tell you I am a psychotic bitch, and in all fairness to them, from their perspective, I am.  Or, rather, was.  That was life BC.  I'm different now.

5.  I love television.  I don't mean that I love watching television , I just love the medium, its potential for telling a story.  It is a great way to tell a really long story in short bits, that a movie can not do.  Yes, it is true that so much on television these days is, as we call it around here, "carp, that troublesome fish."  Reality TV is CARP, that troublesome fish.  Cable news is CARP, that troublesome fish.  But if you are going to do something like the show Lost, TV is the only way.  I love Lost.  Maybe that should be it's own number.

6.  I wish I were a red head.

7.  I would love to write for television.  In high school, I took an aptitude test that said I would be best suited as a teacher, lawyer, or television producer.   I have been a teacher.  I have been a lawyer.  I am just sitting at home, waiting for my career as a TV producer to take off.  If I'm producing, I will hire myself to write as well.  You see, it is a brilliant plan.

8.  I wish I could time travel.  But, only into the past and only me.  If everyone could do it, it would get too complicated.

9.  There are no photos of 40-year-old me on Facebook, or anywhere else, standing around in a bar, with blood shot eyes, wearing a low-cut, too tight dress, surrounded by similarly aged and clad women, holding up a shot glass of an eighty proof liquid, desperately pretending it is the best time I've ever had, and for this, I can honestly say, I am quite blessed.  Because there, but for the grace of God, and a husband who has not left me, go I.

10. My children are feral.

Now, for the BEST part.  I get to pass the award on to someone else.  I know so many awesome bloggers, but I am going to limit myself to two. 

Drum Roll Please.....

The Honest Scrap Award is getting passed to Susie at Laundry Woes, and Carolyn at Fruit of the Carolyn.

Congratulations ladies!  I love your blogs.  They inspire me, and now my readers can be inspired by you as well.  (I hope your ISP can handle all the traffic.)


  1. Tracey, your award preamble is great, much better than mine which, I suppose, is why you are the lawyer and not.
    I also really enjoyed your list, and I sincerely hope you get that t.v. job.

  2. Yay! Your first award! Well deserved. :) Congrats!

  3. Vince, I don't. It worked for me.

  4. Congratulations, Tracey! Well deserved.

  5. Thank you so much, Tracey... I've passed it on! ;) Though, yes, your preamble is much better than mine... It was hard for me to write when the subject was already known...I normally title my blogs after I write them because I'm never sure what they're about until I'm done! Susie ~