Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Week in Kids, #3

This week...

Gimme Boobies

Jonah and Samuel both brought home new vocabulary from school.

I was not moving fast enough getting Sam his yogurt, so he reached out and said, "Gimme, gimme, gimme."  What manner of obnoxious is this?  I gave him a withering stare until he stopped, and then walked him through proper asking procedures.  He has tried it a few times since, but if I stare at him long enough, I usually get a polite, "Please."

Jonah, bless him, is growing up.  Sunday at breakfast he held two small biscuits up to his chest and said, "Look.  Boobies."  Hmm.  I figured a withering stare would be more attention than this deserved.  So, I casually asked, "Where did you learn that?"  "Some boys at school," he said.  And then, rather sheepishly, "But it is not polite."  "No, it is not," I said.  I never looked away from pouring the orange juice.  I guess he didn't quite get the response he was expecting.  (Yes, I have a sense of humor about these things, but he does not need to know that.)

Also, this week...

Adventures in Yogurt

I know, the bangs are ridiculous.  But I'm telling you, she moved.  It had to be done.  This is her before shot.

Also this week...

Toddler Games

Samuel has created a few new games to play with mommy.  One is the repeat game, where he says a few random syllables and then expects me to repeat them.  This is actually more fun than it sounds, because my kid is just so gosh darn cute.  He has started playing the game with our emerging talker, Cate, too.  Which is priceless, and educational all around.

And there is "Cry kiss?"  "Cry" is how he says, "Can I."  So he says, "Cry kiss forehead?  Cry kiss eyebrow?  Cry kiss glasses?"  And my favorite, "Cry kiss pumpkin?" by which he means my nose.  This makes him laugh every time, because he quite clearly knows that my nose is not called a pumpkin.

Okay, maybe the kid has to be your own for this stuff to be interesting.

See you next week.


  1. Of course the boobies thing was actually pretty funny - it's so hard not to laugh sometimes isn't it? I am entranced by the adorableness(?)of Hattie these days, like you. I find it very hard to see that it just might be possible tht I'm biased. No.... just can't see it, she is definitely the brightest, sweetest and most beautiful toddler there ever was (apart from yours!).

  2. I came for "breakfast," but just have to share a story on this post. When my oldest son was about seven years old, we were walking through a department store together. We came upon a naked mannequin being dressed by a store employee. My little darling suddenly pointed and BELLOWED out, "Hey, Mom! Look at the boobs on that one!"

    I kept walking.

  3. It all brings back memories. :) And the pictures are priceless!

  4. they say the most adorable things! my daughter is 10 and says she would rather be a boy as they don't have periods or boobs! good point!

  5. Apparently my brother, when little was out walking with my mom and saw a curvaceous woman. "Oh Mom, aren't bosums wonderful?" he said.