Friday, December 18, 2009

A Clean, Well Lighted Place

I have been sick.  And my children have been sick.  And  I am trying hard not to get overwhelmed by the "To Do Before Christmas" list which goes undone because I feel like doing very little.

Instead I have become obsessed with manipulating the look of my blog.  Like I am a 13 year old girl with her first myspace page.  Oh, the things we find relaxing.

I have tested out several colors, schemes, themes, pictures.  I have even found the hex codes for every color in God's green html, because the blogger colors are just not palate enough for me.  But, I have changed nothing.

Why not?  I fear cluttering it up.

My whole world is sticky, messy, cluttered chaos.  Toys, dishes, and stray laundry that has escaped its hamper and is fomenting rebellion amongst the linens.  I am okay with that.  My children are small.  My house is small.  My energy is sapped.  My resources stretched.  It is what it is.

But my blog...  My blog is the grown up corner of my life.  Tidy.  Kempt.  I need it like this.  Simple and controlled.  I don't need the cutest shabby blog on the boulevard.  I need a place where I can lose myself because I can find everything else.  Even if it is a bit visually boring.

So, come for the writing and stay for the writing.  That's why I come here.

As a big P.S., and since people have asked, my title picture is my mother.  It was taken by my father in 1968 on the day of her graduation from college.  It was his idea to pose her in front of the stove.  Probably not a good sign, in hind sight.  But, I like the picture because it seems to sum up my life.  Educated housewife.  Unlike my mother, who was a chemist and is still the most brilliant person (not just woman) I know, I prefer the kitchen.  And, she is pregnant with me, so it's kind of like I'm in it.

Okay, this picture is just gratuitous, but have you ever seen a cuter baby?


  1. I know just how you feel. I left my blog plain for a long long time. Then just a few weeks ago I added photos...I like it...but I do feel a bit crowded. I love your 'plain' blog.

    I really love the photo of your mom (I thought it was you and you just did some photoshop magic to make it look old.)

    But be assured I am here for the writing.

  2. That makes complete sense to me, Tracey! It's your little daily 'carte blanche!'

  3. I was wondering who was in the photo, too. It is very cool! It shows how woman must fill so many roles. And what a precious baby picture!
    As for the blog look...I have kept mine pretty simple, too. Mostly because I haven't figured out how to do much : )
    I hope you & your children feel better soon, so you can enjoy your holiday.