Friday, March 5, 2010

The Week in Kids, #1

This week Samuel tried out some new phrases.  "Don't talk about me.  I'm special."  We don't know where he learned them and get the impression that he has no idea what they mean, but he says them with great enthusiasm and almost perfect annunciation.  Yeah Sam!!  He also modeled his new power-tool goggles.

We played with our food ~ open faced barbecue sandwiches with green beans and grapes.

Sam was only served half a sandwich and two green beans, but when he saw the grown-up plates, he was inspired.

This week Jonah prayed, "Thank you God, for the smell of toast in the morning," and  "Heal me Jesus.  I have big snot." Mommy kissed his little snot maker while wearing lipstick.  The child does not look this distorted in real life.

Catherine and Daddy shared some love over the morning paper.  We still can't keep that girl off the table, but she has learned to climb down on her own, if she can be bothered.

Auntie C and Uncle J came for a very short visit, that included coffee and breakfast, as they blew through town.  Many pictures were taken, but not by me, and none of them, so you will have to imagine it.

See you next week.


  1. From what I can see of Hubband, he looks pretty handsome! Great to be back on your blog. I've missed you - things have been crazy around here!

    Loved the Irish post, too!

  2. Not having little kids around much anymore, it's fun to hear the little gems of yours...I remember how hard it was to keep a straight face when the are being so earnest. And by the way, you deserve the best mom/cook for children in the world award!

  3. Rebecca, that is the most of Hubband you will ever see. I had to get special dispensation to run even this photo. I'm surprised it was granted since he is in his robe.

    Dreamfarm Girl, Aww shucks!

  4. again, love the writing! I'm starting to think you have the most interesting life in the world!!