Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Week in Kids, #2

This week...

Catherine got her first haircut--a trim of her bangs so that she would be able to see properly.  She looks a like a Euro-trash pop-star named Niko.  It is her own fault.  She would not sit still.

Also, this week...

Samuel fell asleep sitting up.  Then he slumped over.  Then he began to snore.
Usually, there is no keeping this boy down, but when he is tired enough, there is no keeping him up.

Naps were canceled a few weeks ago, as they had just become a battle, which I was in danger of losing, and when he did sleep, he would not go to bed at night.  So, now, everyday around 2 o'clock, when he is good and tired, he asks me if he can watch a movie.   It is a great quiet time for Mommy, and sometimes naps happen.

Also, this week....

Catherine added "bap" for "bath" and "fa-fa" for "phone" to her vocabulary.  (She is such a girl.)  And, when she is "all done" in her chair, she throws her little arms up and says "aw daw."  I know I am her mother and therefore biased (allegedly) but this is the cutest thing in the world.

Here she is "all done" eating some very orange spaghetti.  Aw daw and ready for her bap.

Her favorite new word though is, "Hi," which she delivers with a little grasping-hand wave.  She was trying it out the other morning while we were at the market.  "Hi.  Hi.  Hi." she said as she waved at every passing shopper.  Most people breezed past us without a glance.  I could tell Cate was getting confused.  I was worried she would give up.  I stopped complete stranger and practically demanded that they, "Wave at my baby!!! 

Also, this week...

I have had to let go of the idea that Samuel does not talk.  Until now, every time he has said something new or clever, I have prefaced the story with, "Samuel doesn't talk much..." or some such, but the stories are coming fast and furious now, so the disclaimer seems a bit disingenuous, don't you think?  

He has started asking "why?"  This is a great thing, developmentally, but as his mother, I find it a bit off putting.

The conversation is not:  "The sky is blue."  "Why?"

The conversation is:  "Find your socks."  "Why?"  "Get in the car."  "Why?"  "Put your spoon in the sink."  "Why?"  

Um, because I said so, that why.  Jeesh. 

Oh, and there are the "booms."  I don't know where this came from (school?  I can't imagine), but he has taken to saying "boom" and then poking me in one of my many fleshy spots.  It hurts.  I have bruises.  I ignored it as harmless, for awhile.  Until, this week, when he became rather fascinated by rear end, for which "boom" became insufficient.  I had to draw the line at having my three year old son poke me in the bottom and intone, "kaboom," followed by a hearty giggle.  Enough of that, little man!

So you see, Samuel does talk, and Mommy has joined the gym.

Also, this week...

Samuel explored his opportunities as a visual artist.  This is his latest work.  It is a mural, Sharpie on kitchen tile, entitled, "Sunday Morning When No One was Looking."
We think he even signed it.  Does this look like an "S" to you?

E-mail me if you have any questions about how to get Sharpie off of kitchen tile.

Also, this week...

There seems to be a dearth of Jonah news.  But it only seems that way.  He is so old now, that I have to be a little more discriminating in what I choose to post.  I don't want to ruin his pre-K cred.

See you next week!


  1. Awww, this post makes me remember just what it was like to have little ones. So much joy at watching them grow and acquire new skills and talents! Clearly yours are quite talented. And cute!!

  2. Hattie, like your Catherine, is very very sociable. Yesterday in the park she was saying hello to everyone she met. Which was lovely and very charming. Ahead of us I spotted a lone, spotty and angry teenager lurking alone on a bench looking furious. I was quite interested to see what woud happen. 'Hello', said Hattie smiling so sweetly that even he had to mumble hello. We walked away with me suppressing my laughter. There's a lesson we should learn from them - be so unbelievably friendly and confident to everyone we meet that people cannot resist us!!

    Hattie's latest word is 'fair' said slowly with a whine and meaning, 'not fair'. She's not even 2 yet - that's what comes of having an older brother!!!

  3. Ah, the signed household artwork. My daughter did a whole mural on the living room wall, behind a chair and draperies in our previous house. We didn't even know it existed until we removed all the furniture on moving day.

    Enjoy. The time really does pass too quickly, and there's no rewind button.

  4. Delightful...makes me smile! :)

  5. I love how you put lawyeristic (I made that word up) things in your posts like 'I am biased - allegedly'. You're an original, my friend!