Sunday, March 14, 2010

Surprised by the Mundane

These are the breakfast dishes for a family of five.  Only two of whom are adults.  And this is not Christmas morning, or even Sunday  morning.  This is Tuesday.

Okay, okay, so we all do dishes.  I know.  And to those of you who have raised your kids up to adult size, this comes as no shock.  It is, in fact, barely worth note.  Please indulge me.

A mere six years ago, I was single and childless, and I would not have used this many dishes in a week (and even if I had, I certainly would not have washed them in a timely manner).  In the intervening years, I have been so busy gestating, birthing, nursing, loving, cuddling, and rearing my children, (not to mention all my wifely and housewifely duties) that I have not looked up to notice -- WE ARE A FAMILY OF FIVE!!

How did I miss that?

Note to self:  Look up more often, before you're back to washing dishes just for two.


  1. Absolutely. I feel like we are ALWAYS doing dishes. And on days when we have all sorts of activities and errands, they just pile up and up and up until they look like they are going to topple down on us. :( I told Andrew we need a maid. :D

  2. Good point, that last one! I rarely do the breakfast dishes, so you are way ahead of me.

  3. This post is not coming up on the side bar list, but for some reason it did a few days ago in the reader.
    At the time I thought it was a bit poignant for you seem to be saying that the business of marrage and breeding over the last 6 years had kept you so busy that you did not see the pure fun of what you had created. But then I realised the why of reading your blog IS that joy you have. And while you might be grinding your teeth while the lawyer is scraping poop from the walls you are mostly on a cloud of delight.

  4. Vince, I think you may have hit on something there. On an intellectual level, I think that the life of a housewife and mother of small children basically stinks. BUT, it gives me plenty of stuff to complain about (in a joking manner) which I LOVE. So, yeah, I guess it is working out pretty well for me.