Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Week in Kids, #5

This week...

Also this week...

It was Spring Break around here.We ordered one of those bouncing contraptions.

 From the outside, it looked like this.

From the inside, it looked like this.

From flat on my broken back, hanging out the door, it looked like this.

It was sort of for Jonah's birthday, which is in January, when a bouncing contraption is impractical.  And we were hoping to cut down on too much of this.

Also this week...

A Few Surprises

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit from Washington.  Jonah wanted to take Grandma out for ice cream, but he wanted it to be a surprise.  Under no circumstances, were we to tell her where we were going.  Jonah, however, felt it was okay if he gave hints.  "You can eat it.  It is frozen and it comes in a cone."  Grandma, though a sharp woman, could not crack this code, and was appropriately surprised.

Also surprising...  Jonah was very tired.  Wander-off-to-his-bed-in-the-middle-of-the-day tired.  Maybe because he was getting sick?  Maybe because he must share his room at night with a three year old whose sole nocturnal occupation is the production of snot, and who every two hours must get out of his bed and come tell me?  Maybe a little of both.  Or, it could be, that he is getting ready to grow, very fast.  When I told him this, he said, "I am growing.  But, I wanted to surprise you."  I felt bad ruining it for him.

Also this week...

A Prize Fighter with No Prizes

Catherine has been walking around with a shiner and a fat lip.  Poor girl.  She got them the same day, but in two separate incidents.  (Neither of which involved the above bouncing contraption.) And we were right there both times.

Hubband told me not to take or post any pictures of her because "it is important for girls to feel pretty."  Hm.  But, here she is at her own wailing wall, making it perfectly clear that things are not going here way.

See you next week...


  1. what a great idea to get a jumping castle! we had one at work recently and it took me days to fully recover! i was super stiff and sore. clearly those things are meant for actual kids and not big people who are just kids at heart!:)

  2. A busy week FOR SURE!
    MOST of it...great fun...poor Catherine...the bumps and bruises of toddlerdom!

  3. That gate slash fence is around the TV as a challenge/invitation or one of the greatest bits of parental wishful thinking I've ever encountered :).
    Good idea with the bouncy castle.

  4. Vince, funny you should mention it. It is the focus, sort of, of a future post about how we have enshrined the despicable television.

  5. As I think all televisions should be kept in cages, I have mine in a cabinet that closes!

    Easter at your house looked colourful and fun, and how lovely to have an obliging grandma and grandpa to share it with.