Monday, April 12, 2010

Sing, Sing a Song

Okay, so I read that magazine with Justin Bieber on the cover, and it turns out that he was "discovered" when his mother put video of him singing up on youtube. He is now rich, and famous (if you are an 11 year-old girl or her mother).

That got me to thinking. Maybe I should try this with my kids. They're always singing something. And, they have a certain charisma, if not actual talent. I'm not greedy. They don't need to be gazillionaires. But maybe they could pay their way through college, or help with the groceries.

Then again, maybe not.

(The video is only 36 seconds, but I suggest you turn your volume down low before you hit 'play'.)


  1. That was lovely, thankyou. And quite loud as you say! Definitely talents waiting to be discovered.

  2. We do not know what to say.
    Is there no junior choir at your church, chapel, meeting house, synagogue or mosque.
    Still, given you have the training surely SCOTUS, for mostly those that have success at Law have had a grip on Tort from a profoundly early age.

  3. Yeah, with voices like this, they may find themselves with jobs in law. Or maybe town crier, if a position can be found. They ARE loud.

  4. Exactly, you have to admit the sprigs have Cadence. From that, poetry, and then to Laws.
    Metaphysics; surely you have a bit of the Latin or French.
    But the advantage of Greek.
    And then if you could have Maths.

  5. Music to a grandmother's ears -- I love it.

  6. The anti-Bieber - that's what that video is. Tell your kids they have a fan up north. Only 999,999 to go!

  7. They got the sing out loud, sing out strong part right! Cute kids.

  8. Thank you all for indulging me and my tone deaf children. I have the best readers ever!

    A week in kids post is due today, but I am sick, as are 2/3 of the children, so I may not be back for a few days.