Friday, April 30, 2010

The Week in Kids, #9

This week...

We had some very warm weather, and dressed accordingly.

Also this week...

Samuel joined some sort of tribe.  You know, the kind that rubs charcoal briquette ash all over themselves to ward off evil spirits.

His sister joined too.

After she was kicked out of her MA (Mocha-holics Anonymous) meeting for being caffeinated.

Also this week...

I built Samuel and Jonah a track on their train table, which did not include a tunnel.  Samuel improvised.

Also this week...

Catherine knows twenty eight words.  I counted them.  And...

Jonah told me, "I've got Jesus in my heart.  And I prayed to God so that I don't have to be a teenager, because I don't want him to have to move out."  From your lips, to God's ears little man.

In other news...

I am going on a weekend get away, just me.  I will miss you my lovelies, but be back to read all of your adventures on Monday.

See you next week!


  1. Great pictures and captions. I always get a smile from seeing the adventures of your kids. :)

    EnJoy your alone-time!

  2. Love the war the sweet heart of your little man...cannot stand to think of moving out! SWEET!

    Enjoy a weekend away! WONDERFUL and rejuvenating too!! Mommy's NEED that.

  3. I would not be shocked if I saw them kids of yours on the TV of in a film 20 years from now. ;-)

  4. Wonderful moments, Tracey. Hope you had a nice weekend!