Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I haven't blogged in a few days and I feel like I should have something to say.

Um. I don't. I got nothin'.

Nothing smart.  Nothing funny.  Nothing cute.


I have this "fun house mirror" picture I took of myself in the front window of my mother's house.

Ponder which set of feet are really mine, while I retreat to my boring life, and try to remember how to be clever.  Or, at least have an original thought. 

Do you suppose this is because I subscribe to People Magazine and can't stop watching 19 Kids and Counting?

You've found me out.  I am pedestrian.


  1. Been a while since Ive been in the blogosphere so I've been catching up on past posts. The Justin Bieber post cracked me up. I too am wondering who the hell this kid is? Then, when my husband left early with the kids, I snuck back into bed with my coffee and watched E! news (I'm ashamed to say) so I got caught up with who's who, etc. As for having nothing to say...well, I know exactly how you feel.

  2. I think it's that after the holidays hiatus. Or it could just be that we were expecting Spring and it is taking an unconscionably long time about getting here.

  3. Interesting pic. Looks like you have on the renewed/old style of Gladiator sandals on! YOU ARE hip like Justin!

    Oh, and if you are a "19 and counting" fan...you need to get busy and add 16 more siblings...THEN you WILL have something to blog about!


  4. You're just having a moment that is usually has a soundtrack of dead silence or elevator music. The funny department of your brain is just restocking its shelves. I like the photo, though.