Friday, April 16, 2010

The Week in Kids, #7

This week...

 Daddy dressed the baby.  "The shirt has dots.  The pants have dots.  What doesn't match?"

Also this week...

We drove five hours, round trip, to have lunch in the park.  But not just any park.  This was Bidwell State Park in Chico, California.  Its claim to fame is that Errol Flynn filmed Robin Hood there back in the 1930s.  And Hubband wanted to see it.

So we drove and drove.  It was cold and threatening to rain.  The kids whined the whole way, and the grown up weren't much better.

Once we got there and got out of the car to run around, things were better.  But only a little.  The place is actually several hundred acres, so we used the main entrance.  The park was, sadly, just a park.  Grass, picnic tables, a humongous birthday party for a very small child.  We ate, we ran around, we threw rocks in the creek.  Then, cold and grumpy, we got back in the car, and decided to see what was at the other end of the park, at the not-main entrance. 

Late in the afternoon, we found a small dirt parking lot with a few off road vehicles in it.  We walked about fifty feet down a path to find the most beautiful field of wild flowers.  A couple hundred feet more, and there were breathtaking views of a verdant canyon I didn't even know existed.  The sun even came out for awhile.  For this part, I forgot my camera in the car.  You will just have to take me at my word.  It was worth every mile, and every minute, of the longest day trip of my life.  (I could write an entire novel about this day, but Hubband would kill me.)

Also this week...

Samuel is giving the potty a try.  We are rather laissez faire about the whole toilet training thing.  But, Samuel has started asking to use the potty, so we are following his lead.  This week, as I was changing a very wet diaper, he asked to use the potty.  I doubted that he had it left in him, but I obliged.  As he was sitting there, not going, I asked him, "Do you still need to go potty?"  He looked down and said, "Oh, no.  Not working.  Needs batteries."

Also this week... 

Cate is saying 'cup', and 'yes' .  She is a very smart girl, our Cate.  She does not have as many words as Jonah did at this age, but she uses the right word for things, where Jonah spoke a language that only we understood.

See you next week!


  1. Good luck with the potty - we're beginning to consider it with Hattie. I can't quite bear it though!

    Clever Cate as you say. We love language us Cates/Kates. I just love it when they learn to speak - I'm entranced with every new word which Harriet utters, and she's thoroughly pleased with herself too.

  2. My own Cait (Caitlin) was also very verbal. Still is! (26 years later) But her brother (who now actually writes short stories as a hobby) was a bit slower to speak and then to get the words right. But he was so much funnier! Love the batteries comment.

  3. My Kate is also extremely verbose and rather well spoken for an 8 year old. She likes to correct her brothers' grammar, much to their annoyance.

    The field of wildflowers sounds lovely.