Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Highlight of My Week

Tuesday is taco night.  So,  I went to the store and bought taco shells.  Twelve taco shells.

Or, so I thought.  Let's count them shall we.

So, I called the store, and if I bring my receipt the next time I come in, I get a whole new box of taco shells.  Or, at least 10 or 11 taco shells.  For free.

Yeah, me!!!


  1. I've never had Taco's, but I hear it's big over on the other side of the Atlantic. Sorta Tex-Mex really expanded.
    But would two apiece not do.
    However, given you're a full fistful, I suspect this one will return to bite ya. Those last two will cause you to become a UN Peacekeeping Force all of your own. There is no way the divide of two into three will ever work.

    Why not make your own, they are basically Crepe's aren't they ?. And Crepe making is soooooo easy.

  2. Love taco night.

    Only 11 shells? Annoying!

  3. Hmmm, what if the stoneground corn isn't organic either? I guess you can never trust them again.

  4. Have to ask, is it taco night cause it is LOST night? Cause you know, Kate doesn't do taco night and Dave and Hurley have to decide hard or soft shell, chicken or shrimp, sour cream or hot sauce.

  5. Vince, oh how you have missed out!

    Tacos are not Tex-Mex, they are just Mex-mex. And a tortilla is not like a crepe. Uncooked it is more like a dough than a batter. It is like a flat bread. Very flat.

    I had a babysitter as a child whose ancient mother with arthritic hands could flap out tortillas with lightening speed. But it really is an art and there are so many good ones to buy. The ones pictured are fried and formed into a taco shape. Not authentic and not great, but quick and tasty enough for my purposes.

    And yes, eleven is plenty of taco shells for my family at their current ages, but that is not the point. The box said it contained twelve and it only contained eleven.

  6. Jill, I know, right? It said 12! But now I get free ones.

    Mise, I know, right? But, all will be forgiven once I get my free ones.

  7. Caroline, you caught me. I do taco night. I'm no Kate. And since there are a lot of Tuesdays in the season I try to mix it up a little. I have a friend from an Arizona border town who has shown me a few tricks. For the finale I think I might need to go all out.

  8. But did you weigh them. Each should be 13g.