Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a Tuesday, Part 2

Don't miss Part One.

After being liberated from the bathroom at Jonah's pre-school, I headed on over to Trader Joe's (my favorite market) to pick up some family staples.  Apples, bananas, yogurt -- you  know, things kids eat.

Up at the front of the store, there is a large barrel of salt-water taffy.  It has been there for the last few weeks.  Every time I pass it, I think, "Ooo.  Salt-water taffy."  Then I think, "I don't need any salt-water taffy."  But, last week someone on 30 Rock gave Jack Donaghy salt water taffy, and I am highly suggestible. So this day, as I passed it, I thought, "Ooo.  Salt-water taffy.  Why not?" and I bought it.

I ate one piece, and promptly dislodged half of a porcelain crown from my bottom left molar.  Ouch.

Now, I have a dentist.  He handles emergencies.  But he is in a town about an hour's drive from here.  Why so far?  Because my mother lives in the same town, and I coordinate my dental appointments with her, so that she can watch my kids while I am at the dentist.  This system was not set up in anticipation of any emergencies.  I remembered, as I was staring at a half-chewed piece of taffy with half of a porcelain crown stuck in it, that my mother is in the Amazon.  Yes, the one in Brazil.

My back-up plan is Hubband's dentist.  He is in a town about three-quarters of an hour's drive in the other direction, because that is where Hubband works.  So, Hubband called and flirted with the receptionist until he secured me an emergency (meaning they will squeeze me in around their real patients) appointment.  The plan was that I would drive over there with the kids, he would meet me, take the kids to lunch while I went to the dentist, and then I would return home with the kids and he would return to work. 

Three hours and $1000 out-of-pocket later, I, with a numb face, drove Hubband's car home, where I found three children who, sweetly, seemed to miss me very much.  My teeth were sore.  My pride was sore.  (Breaking your teeth on taffy at 9:30 in the morning is such a fat-chick injury.)  But, my temporary crown was smooth and comfortable.  And, did I mention that my children missed me.

Who knew that getting locked in the bathroom would not be the most memorable thing about my day?

 Don't miss Part One.


  1. Tracey! SO SORRY about your tooth. It is okay to indulge from time to time right? (You know ME and the processed meats lately? I need a salad.) You never knew that the taffy would cost you a grand. OUCH!

    I laughed OUT LOUD over the "fat chick injury!!"

  2. Okay, so judging from the your response to the comment I left yesterday, you are still not talking to me, but at least you are 'smiling' so I feel confident enough to leave another comment.
    Salt water taffy is very good, but perhaps not worth it's weight in dental work. Ouch. We love 30 Rock, too!

  3. On the being held within a loo when a door jambs as in your last post, there is not a person in the world that could tease you mercilessly. And this post, well, I can only shake my head for it's just way to easy. Fish, barrel and a firearm sort of easy.
    Hope you had no pain other than in the pocket.

  4. Well, I know I should be sympathetic to your bathroom/dentistry problems - and I am, really. But what on earth is salt-water taffy??

  5. Oh no! I hardly know what to say.
    I'm sorry you had such a frustrating Tuesday.
    Opt for the dull, boring day the next time you get any "fun" ideas. :)

  6. Jill, as soon as I feel up to chewing anything beyond mashed potatoes, I think I shall join you in that salad.

    Rebecca, hi. See, I'm speaking. :) And you are right. $2 in taffy = $1000 in dental work. Not good math.

    Vince, that you for not being too hard on me.

    Kate, oh my dear! Salt-water taffy is a very chewy and delicious confection. I have no idea why it is called what it is except that is is usually quite popular in sea side towns. It is not salty.

    Anita, good advice. Dull it is then.