Friday, November 19, 2010

The Week in Kids

This week...

Jonah and Samuel were both in shows.

On Thursday, Jonah sang in his class' Visual and Performing Arts Show.

This deer caught in headlight look was the best still photo I could get.

It was here that I realized, my camera stinks.

See what I mean?  And, yes, I read the manual.   Which is how I knew that it takes video.  

I must let you know that this was not exactly Jonah's finest hour.  He rehearsed his little heart out for this show, and he was home.  Then, when the big day came, and I was sitting there in the audience, it wasn't so good.  I began to wonder if he had stage fright.  When he came up to hug me after, I realized he had a raging fever.  Poor kid.  Keep that in mind, as you watch.  It's only 29 seconds, and he finishes strong.

On Friday, Sam's pre-school class had their annual Thanksgiving pageant, called the Friendship Feast.  Once again, my best pictures were moving.

Okay, this is one whole minute.  Only grandparents might be able to sit through sixty seconds of Sam's star quality.

Uh, never mind.  Stupid Blogger keeps telling me that there is an error with my video and encourages me to read the terms and conditions.  I am not going to read the terms and freaking conditions.  They don't apply to me anyway; I'm a lawyer.  Sorry, grandparents and people who might care.  I will have to load Sam's adorableness some other time.

Also this week...

Cate said her first complete sentence.  "Mommy, I have poopies."  It was accompanied by the cutest point at her bottom.  But I have no pictures, sorry.

How about these?

Cate has been following Sam around since she was old enough to move, but lately he has been letting her.  Even taking her hand and running/dragging her from room to room.  She loves this.  It is fun to watch their relationship develop. 

See you next week...Maybe.  We are going to be in Washington over the whole week of Thanksgiving, but I will have my computer, and I may be able to fit this in.


  1. Aw, I loved Jonah's little smile at the end! Poor guy - hope he's better now.
    I just realized Grace says "More juice please." And if I remember correctly, that has the makings of a complete sentence. Wow. You've just alerted me to another milestone I managed to completely miss. Awesome.
    You know I would love to hate Blogger right along with you. As long as they allow us to continue to use it. Because we can't live without it you know, no matter how many terms and conditions it throws at us.
    Great post - have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. haha! Love Cate's first sentence! Poor Jonah - he goes through so much. He did fine there at the end!! Have a wonderful time with your family.

  3. I think he did great for being sick!

    Yay for Cate! :)

    have a wonderful week in Washington!

  4. Aw, hope Jonah beats that fever!

    I love watching the relationships between siblings. SOOOO special and with such diversity! My second son and oldest daughter (number 3 child) have a sweet relationship that started about your Sam and Cate's age...they are now 11 and 13 and still chum up regularly. I love it.

  5. Jonah was an absolute star, fever or not! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I actually love the first photo. He looks so wide-eyed innocent. I hope he's feeling better.
    Cate's first sentence reminds me of my Cait's first sentence which similar, sorta. We were at the beach and drawing in the sand and she said, "Mommy make a circle." OK, they both start with Mommy and have the same number of words. But not really alike. But it was a nice moment to remember.
    Happy Washington Thanksgiving!

  6. Oh, poor Jonah! Ed and Martha are busy practising for their Christmas show. Martha's a talking reindeer (costume- red top and brown tights, easy peasy) and Ed's a Scottish dancer (v. curious!)I can't wait.
    And well done Cate for her first sentence.
    Hattie also adores her big brother - follow him around everywhere too.

  7. Heartwarming to see Jonah rally at the end, poor little fellow. My middle child started out by manhandling his little sister and then they became very, very good friends. I loved to watch them, too.