Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Fool and Her Husband's Money

In September, Target came out with a Fall line of home decor.  Included was an off white, cable knit throw blanket.  It was beautiful.  And, reasonably priced for such an item.  Only twenty dollars.  "Only," I say, as if I have money to squander.  Don't misunderstand.  I am not claiming poverty here.   We are blessed that Hubband has a good income.  But, we only have the one.  I am expected to stick to a tight budget.  And, we are saving everything else so we can relocate soon.  In light of that, I could not bring myself to spend twenty dollars on a beautiful blanket.

Then, in early October, Sam's class at pre-school was requesting donations to go into a raffle basket for the Fall Festival.  One of the items requested was a throw blanket.  Well, I may not be willing to spend twenty dollars on a beautiful blanket for myself, but there is no reason I should be uncharitable.  So, I went and bought the blanket, and donated it to the school to put in one of the raffle baskets.

The Fall Festival was in late October.  The kids had great fun.  And, the raffle baskets looked fabulous.  Many with awesome (and expensive) prizes.  I could not help myself.  I really wanted to win the basket with that blanket.  Or the basket full of twenty dollar gift cards.  Or the week's free tuition.  The more tickets I had, the better my odds of winning.  This is just a statement of fact.  So, I bought twenty dollars worth of tickets to win a twenty dollar blanket.  And I did not win anything. 

You think I would just cut my losses.  But, no.  I was so disappointed that I had already spent forty dollars and had no blanket to show for it, that the next time I was in Target, I bought that blanket.  Yes.  Yes, I did.  I spent sixty dollars for a twenty dollar blanket.  I love that blanket.  I cuddle up with that blanket every night before bed, in my little corner of the couch, where I sit and drink a cup of chamomile tea and read my Bible, searching for proverbs on wisdom and frugality, warm in my shame and my blanket, which I love.


  1. I love this post more than I can ever TYPE my sheer appreciation Tracey! YOU are NOT alone my friend!

    I wish you PEACE and TRANQUIL moments ALL winter long as you cuddle up with your blankie, tea and GOOD BOOK!!

    What color did you get...I love all the earthy shades! ;)

  2. I think it is safe to say I have been there. Sixty dollars is, when you think about it, not sooo much to pay for something that makes you so cozy and comfy. 40 of your dollars did go to a good cause after all, albeit in a roundabout way. Tomorrow is another day to be frugal once again, right?
    My daughter just got her braces on today, and we have no coverage so it all has to be paid for in cash - my life is about to get awfully frugal, too, but not so much that I can't afford to be generous once in a while, even if it is only to my hard working self :)
    I hope the kids are all feeling better?

  3. I am very happy that you got your blanket, and you were charitable, VERY charitable besides. AND: you made me smile, and your other fans, too, and surely that is worth something? Maybe not in dollars, but in warmth? So that blanket is giving an awful lot of warmth all across the North American continent. And all for sixty bucks. What a bargain! I should think God is smiling down upon you for that (even if the Hubband isn't) (thought he probably is too)

  4. Been there again and again...and, still there!

  5. How perfect and beautiful. I adore this post.

  6. As they say, "Cheap at twice the price!".
    Just think how handy that blanket will be when you finally move to cooler climates. :)