Wednesday, November 10, 2010

C'I Go To Halloween?

This year's Halloween story is a little late.  Sorry about that.  We've been busy recovering from old, and getting new, illnesses.

Last Halloween, Jonah was a boy obsessed.  He had poured so much energy into his anticipation, that when the candy bowl was empty, the last trick-or-treater had left, and I turned out the porch light, he was completely devastated.

This Halloween, it was Samuel who became fixated.  "C'I go to Halloween?  C'I go to Halloween?"  He started obsessing asking shortly after the Fourth of July.  "C'I go to Halloween?"  When the day came, and the answer was finally "yes," he seemed a bit taken aback.  I guess that's why he kept asking.

"C'I go to Halloween?"

"Yes, Sam.  You are in your costume."

"C'I go to Halloween?"

"Yes, Sam.  We are trick-or-treating."

"C'I go to Halloween?"

"Yes, Sam.  This is Halloween."

As the night wore on, he indulged his sweet tooth, pleasantly surprised that candy was part of the deal.  Even though he was fixated with the idea of Halloween, I don't think he knew exactly what that meant.  But, he soon found out, and he liked it!

Then came the moment I was dreading.  How would Samuel take the end of his new favorite holiday?  As badly as Jonah had?  I braced myself for tears, wailing, and heart-wrenching disappointment.  Just like last year.

"Samuel,"  I started calmly.  "We are about to run out of candy for the trick-or-treaters.  I am going to turn out the porch light.  When I do, that will be the end of Halloween."  Then I held my breath.

Samuel did not miss a beat.  "C'I go to Christmas?  C'I go to Christmas?"

We have since explained that Thanksgiving comes next, prompting the question, "C'I go to turkey, gobble, gobble?  C'I go to turkey, gobble, gobble?"


  1. LOL! I love your children!! At least, I love to read about them!!! Too funny!! He is a boy who will not be stopped...

  2. Ha! He's a smart one, that kid. I wonder how he'll feel when he finds out they don't dress up and pass out candy at Thanksgiving?

  3. Jen, it's okay. He's heard about the pie.

  4. Hey, I am like him...always anticipating the next holiday!
    Pie? Sounds good to me!

  5. I like his thinking! I think we all live holiday to holiday. Personally I'm really ready t'go Thanksgiving.

  6. Oh my, so very cute! What a positive, forward looking little guy. Go Samuel! What kind of pie will you have?