Friday, October 15, 2010

The Week in Kids

This week...

We went to the pumpkin patch.


Another candy apple.  Of course.
"Look, Ma.  I'm just hanging here.  But it's okay, 'cuz Daddy catches me every time."

A hay-bouncer.
Our boys were king of the hay mountain.  I wish I had taken the picture from farther away so that you could see how high it is.
I was amused by this sign in the parking lot.
Also this week... 

Catie was helpful...

...with the laundry, even if she wouldn't take the snack out of her mouth to do it.

...with Elmo, getting him buckled into his car seat.

I love the look on Elmo's face in this one.  "Elmo does not know if Elmo likes what Catie is doing."
...with building the train track, because Nana really needed the help.


In exchange, Nana got the hair out of Cate's eyes for her.

Then taught her how to do a fist bump.

Thanks, Nana.

Also this week...

Jonah learned to fly (for 1.7685 seconds).

Cate learned to swing (with a dirty face).

And, Samuel learned the art of defensive sliding.  (Or would this be offensive?  It is hard to know around here.)

See you next week!!!!


  1. Your pumpkin patch pictures are really wonderful!

    I love the pic of Catie helping with the laundry! haha..she already has that wonderful female multitasking skill going on!

  2. Hey! Elmo really is two timing Cate & Gracie!

    Love the pumpkin patch pictures! Ironically, I feel like I didn't get enough, and want to go again next week. :)

  3. Eddie Bluelights interview me for his sunday roast, which is currently posted. I gave you a shout-out there! Hope you don't mind..thought I'd give you a warning! :)

  4. Three tie-dyed kiddos and a little "blue" wagon. Such a charming photo.

  5. Great action shots of the kids. Takes me back to when I had three of about the same ages. Sigh...we really had fun amidst the chaos.
    Hope your weekend is going well, too.