Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Reading Labels Again

I bought this picture frame on clearance at Khol's.  It cost me $4.25, down from the original $24.99.  Yeah me!

I liked it, not just because it was cheap, but because it had this pretty detail carved into the wood

I did not buy it because it was "made with renewable resources."

In fact, I didn't even notice this bit of marketing until I got home.  But when I did, it got me thinking, "What renewable resources?  Wood?"

Why as a matter of fact, yes!

Uh, I think all wood is technically renewable.  I mean, doesn't the stuff practically grow on trees?


  1. Ha! So much greenwashing out there -- as if we've all forgotten wood comes from trees. I love the detail on it too. And a great bargain!

  2. Greenwashing...i love term...and OH so true.

  3. The "green" thing didn't get you, but the designers of that packaging are depending on it to get to others.

    NIce frame. :)

  4. Good one! 'Greenwashing'- so true. The frame is very pretty, and if you need to get warm this winter you can recycle it as firewood.