Friday, October 1, 2010

The Week in Kids

This week...

Has been strangely quiet, yet overwhelmingly busy at the same time.  A lot of little school things to remember during the week.  Meeting, book fair, another picture day, lunch with the principal, cookie dough fund raiser.  We were, all of us, under the weather, and the weather was hot.

Also this week...

Jonah had his class pictures taken.  For this he needed a hair cut.  I usually cut it myself, but he ends up looking like Sinead O'Connor.  Not my fault really.  He asks that I give him a hair cut just like Grandpa Dick.  Grandpa Dick is bald.

Bald would not do for an official Kindergarten class portrait, so I took him to one of those places that specializes in kids.  He sat in a chair like a fire engine and played Mario Kart while the nice lady gave him a proper cut.  Best twenty dollars I ever spent.

Our handsome (and not bald) boy

Also this week...

Jonah made so much money running in his school's Fun'd Run that he earned a pizza lunch with the principal.  "There were also carrots and grapes, so we would be healthy," he told me afterward.  He was really proud of himself, you could tell. 

Also this week...

We had a small family gathering for Samuel's birthday.  When I asked him what kind of cupcakes he wanted for his party he answered, "Green."  Okay, then.  Green they were.

On my fourth birthday, when my mother asked me what kind of cupcakes I wanted, I answered, "Blue."  It must run in the genes.

The highlight of the day, for Samuel at least, was the green balloon.  He was a dervish.  I did the best I could to get photos.

Also this week...

Catherine did nothing of note, except be excruciatingly adorable.  Of this, there are no pictures.  My apologies to all, but especially her Uncle Justin.

Oh, okay, here are a few I rejected for last week.  Just for you Justin.

You can see why this picture was originally rejected, but I think she looks just like her Auntie Cara in this one.

Hands-free cupcake eating.
See you next week...


  1. Hands free~don't know about girls, as Iris outgrew that, but Isaac, at the age of 10 - still eats "hands free!"
    Great post friend.

  2. I love your kid posts. A wonderfully busy week with out a bunch of mishaps...lovely! The green cupcakes are awesome~yum

  3. How do you get your icing to look so professionally 'whippy'? I'm glad you're feeling better. I know about little girls being excruciatingly adorable . My Hattie does that too in between being horrifyingly terrible!

  4. Pizza lunch with the principal is very inclusive! And I love the handsome boy-band haircut.

  5. Jonah does look very good with hair, my friend. Please tell him to enjoy his 'lid' while he's got it. My brother, who used to have a gorgeous head of curly brown, long hair has so little hair left that he has decided just to be bald. Sounds like you had a good week.