Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Season

Everyone has been talking about Fall, but I have remained silent.  Fall is my favorite season, so I am as excited as everyone else, but sadly, Fall, true Fall, comes late here.  It was over 100 degrees here last week.  Only now do I feel safe welcoming you to Pumpkin Season.

Though most of the leaves are still on the trees, the weather is cool-ish and breezy.  And, while there is no frost on the pumpkin, there is a pumpkin on my mantel, so I am very happy.

I am ready for shorter days, and heavier clothes.  Warm meals cooked in a hot oven.  I even went so far as to cook the roast chicken on the cover of this month's Sunset Magazine.

Bengali Five-spice Chicken.  It was yummy.  And made the whole house smell exotic.  (The twenty dollars in gas it cost me to drive around and find all of the ingredients is a story worthy of it's own post.)

I hope you are all enjoying your Fall.


  1. Ten more posts, then happy instant-digital-media-author-something-or-rather birthday!

    And Happy Fall. Last night it was raining, thundering AND lightning, and it was warm enough to sit on the porch and watch while we sipped hot cocoa. It was awesome.

  2. Yum! Chicken looks good! Come around and bring us some? I have my regular sinus thing and am feeling under the weather. I love autumn too - here it's damp, murky and misty. I'm going to dust off the woodburner and find those scarves. Lovely!

  3. Yay, pumpkins! My British friend told me they do Halloween in England now, and people aren't too happy about the 'unnecessary' holiday. The funny thing is that they have to import their pumpkins from somewhere in Eastern Europe. Wishing you cooler days - that chicken looks great!