Monday, October 18, 2010

Geography, Kindergarten Style

Last week, I had the privilege of working in Jonah's kindergarten class for the day.  He was very excited about this.  So, was I, if truth be told.  It was nice to be involved in that part of his life.

He tried to be with me as much as he could, which was sweet.  But, at recess, he abandoned me for his first love, running around.  I spent recess talking to a very nice young lady named Emma.  She had sandy blond hair, hazel eyes, and affected an under bite when thinking.  She reminded me very much of our Cate.  And that is how I saw her.  Cate in four years.

"My Nana is coming to visit today," she said.  "My Nana lives far away, where there are a lot of cornfields.  Do you know that place?"

"Iowa?" I asked.  Corn as high as an elephants eye.  That's Iowa right?  Or is it Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain?

"No.  That's not it," Emma said.

"Kansas?" I tried again.  Was Kansas a better guess than Oklahoma?  It would help if my knowledge of the plains states extended beyond Rodger and Hammerstein musicals, and John Wayne movies.

"No," she said, and then offered another hint.  "Do you know that place where Disney World is?"


"Yes," she said excitedly.

"Your Nana lives in Florida?"

"No," she said.  "In a straight line from there.  What is the state next door?"

"Alabama?"  I knew it was Alabama or Mississippi.  I totally guessed.

"No.  The next one?"

Was this some kind of test?


"Keep going."

"Louisiana?"  This one I knew.

"No, no.  Keep going straight across."

The kid was killing me!  But we were getting closer to home.  I was pretty sure I knew these.

"Texas, New Mexico, Arizona."

"Yeah," she said, with a very mature sigh.  "I have no idea where she lives." 

Then she ran off to play.

It was definitely a test.


  1. That was a great story. I miss going into my kids classes. They are getting too old for it now.

  2. aww...that is cute! Look how far away Ohio is from you! Gee! Did you know that Ohio's slogan is "The Heart of it All"? cute's almost shaped like a heart and it's located left of center just like our real hearts! Awww. :)

  3. You're killing me! That is just hilarious. Catching up on my reading, the weekend was a bit insane. Thanks for the chuckle... but now I'm dying to know where Nana *really* lives.

  4. Oh, I am laughing over that one! I love to hear what kids have to say...they are hilarious!

  5. Well that was fun! You should have seen me scrolling up and down, up and down, from your story to the map. :)

  6. Very, very sweet story. Man, I love kids! Okay, most kids, but especially kids like this Emma.