Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Boy Grows The Church

Last week, I was driving through our large suburb with our son Jonah, aged five.  He noticed a large vacant lot.

"Mom," he said.  "That would be a good place for a church."

It would be actually, but I was curious to know why he thought so.

"Because it has lot of room for parking," he said.  Then, after some thought, he continued, "I'm going to build a church there, with a parking lot, and a big building.  Do you know where I am going to put the door, Mom?"

"Uh, no, honey.  Where?"

"In the front of course."  Of course.  "It will be two big doors that open in front.  And then I will put a big inflatable Jesus on top, so people can see it from the freeway, like the Gorilla on the car place."

What can you say about a boy with a heart for the Lord and an eye for marketing?  I love him to pieces.  My life with him is never dull.  I just pray he doesn't grow up to be a sleazy televangelist.


  1. LOL! I shared this with Darin. He said "two thumbs up!" LOL!! Awesome!

  2. Fabulous! That inflatable Jesus will bring 'em in!
    LOVE the heart (and faith) of a five year old boy.

  3. How funny!!! ans so very sweet!!! I loved this little story!! I can just picture an inflatable Jesus!! Don't you know He got a laugh out of this as well!!! Nothing like the faith of a child!!

  4. I LOVED this. He'll go far that boy of yours.

  5. I tell ya, Jonah has a big future ahead of him. That inflatable Jesus cracked me up, as did your final comment.

  6. what a clever kid! so sweet! :)