Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Day in the Country

We went to spend the day with Tante (my sister, Tricia) at her place in the country.  Life is different out there.

Where is the boy who use to be in these clothes?

Behind the corn, frolicking in the orchard sprinklers of course.

Country peek-a-boo, girl style.

Country peek-a-boo, boy style.

If you look closely, you can see Jonah hiding behind the loquat tree.

Where there is country and water, there is...


Garden Shed

Summer Portrait

View from the kitchen window

 Rear view, on the way home.

Thank you Tante and Uncle Jim!


  1. Looks like a nice place to escape.

  2. LOL! That corn leave is placed perfectly! hee.

  3. You would have to say your parents were being exceptionally prudential with the letters when they named the two of you.
    It looks hot enough to fry eggs on stones.

  4. Vince, it is true. Our names are actually identical, except for the vowels. But I don't think it was intentional as I was named Teresa and she, Patricia. It just worked out that way. And, yes, we each answer to both.

    102 (39 C) outside that day.

  5. HA, madness woman, madness. People with those type of names are not constructed to live at the outer edge of the Sun. We wilt.