Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Glimpse of Heaven

Do you think that God allows us to glimpse Heaven?  I don't mean give us a view of what Heaven is actually like.  But, do you think He allows us to feel, for a fleeting moment, a tiny fraction of the joy that must exist in that place.  I do.  Like today, at lunch, when I was blessed with a BLT, a diet coke, and the childless silence in which to enjoy it.  Pure bliss.


  1. In my heaven, it would have to be real (all the sugar) and it would have to be Pepsi.

  2. I get a glimpse most days.

    What's the diff, coke/pepsi. Potato/potAto/spud.

  3. I know the feeling! Yesterday, I poached an egg all by myself. But there's still the non-ideal matter of having to eat and drink quickly before the hordes return to descend upon you.

  4. And then one day the kids grow up and heaven is getting to lay your eyes on them, and they let you, without yelling or being snarky. and then they let you fix them a meal and eat it and they love it and say thank you. ~sigh~

  5. Ha! I'm with you - today I had my hair cut. And I was ON MY OWN! But I've just read Dreamfarm Girl's comment.... and now I'm sad because I can't bear the thought of that either. It's very very hard this mother thing...

  6. What? No chipotle burrito? These days my glimpses of heaven usually happen in the early summer morning before anyone is up and I am sitting in the sunny window with a coffee enjoying the hour of blissful silence.
    It looks like you are having lots of fun in the sun down there in California. Love the photo of Jonah in the bucket of water.
    And yes, those Mad Men seem to be Bad Boys, but a little candy floss television never hurt anyone.
    I loved your back-to-school post with the bouquet of pencils. I loved that clean slate feeling as a kid, too after a summer of wild abandon.