Monday, July 19, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Jonah's first day of kindergarten.  Yes, in July.  Our school district is "year-round," but more on that later.

A few weeks ago, I took him to buy a back pack.  He picked a Mario Brothers one, of course.  And, as you can tell from the pictures, to him, it was the biggest thing about the day.

If he caught me trying to take a picture of him from any other angle, he would whip around, like this.

I didn't bring my camera to the school, because I did not want to make a scene.  I needn't have worried.  There were so many other parents (and grand-parents, and aunts and uncles, and second-cousins-once -removed) that any scene I may have made, would have gone unnoticed.  But, I am getting ahead of myself.

We walked to the school together, not too early, not too late.  Jonah talked most of the way.

"I think I am scared to start a new school.  I won't know any one.  I think I was scared when I started pre-school too, but I got over that.  I hope I get over it again, here.  Mom, we should pray to God that I get over being scared right away and that I get to know new people."

So, we prayed while we walked.  And we talked about the bigger kids, and the bigger classes, and the bathroom down the hall.  All things that were going to be different and, therefore, scary.

By the time we arrived, he seemed okay.  Maybe not thrilled, but resigned to change.  A pretty good attitude for a five year old, I thought.

Then we saw Brian, a kid from his pre-school.  Brian won't be in Jonah's class, but in the class next door.  They were both so relieved to see someone they knew, they hugged like old war buddies.

His teacher, Mrs. Whitfield, is sweet, blond, and pleasantly doughy, like a kindergarten teacher should be.  She introduced herself, and gave Jonah a name tag shaped like a crayon.  A good start.

Then we, the parents, were off.  Not allowed in the classroom on the first day.  We had to leave them on the pavement outside, to march into their little futures alone.  Jonah was cool with it.  I was hot, as it was already 85 degrees, and I still had to walk home.  So, we parted with out fan fare.

Besides, Jonah, like his mother, knows there is no point in wasting your drama in a crowd full of drama.  Parents crying and pressing their faces up against the classroom window.  Not for us, thank you.  We'll save our hysterics for September or October when things have calmed down a bit and there is less competition.   :)

Happy First Day of School Little Man!!!!!!


  1. ah that's a big day for you both! he sounds like such a sweet little boy!
    and year round? please do explain!

  2. I want year-round school! LOL! The next town over has one. I could go for that big time! ha.
    We have so many pics of Taylor showing off the new backpack on the first day of school...oh, the sweet.
    I love your little guy's attitude...a little scared but still brave enough to continue on.
    Hope you enjoyed the extra bit of quiet...or well, less noise. :)

  3. Great first day of school tale! I especially like the "I've got a Mario Brothers backpack on" look, and the part about walking to school and dealing with the fears. Smart kid you've got there!

  4. Best of luck to the kid.
    Is the school year year round as so many have to have two incomes to afford to live in your town.