Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad Men, or just Bad Boys

The new season of Mad Men started last night.  I haven't seen it yet, so don't tell me anything!  But, in honor of the momentous occasion, I present you this...

Don Draper.

Some how, he manages to be way sexier than Jon Hamm, the actor who plays him.

See what I mean.

Even though Don Draper is a cad.

This is his wife Betty.

Don has cheated on Betty.  Alot.

There was Midge, bohemian, marijuana smoking, artist who lived in a fifth floor walk-up in the village.

Don left Betty, and a house full of people celebrating his daughter's birthday, to go pick up a cake.  Instead, he found himself at Midge's place, begging her to run away with him.  She declined.

Then there was Rachel, a savvy business woman running her father's department store.

Their fling was quite intense until Don begged her to run away with him.  She declined.

Then there was Bobbie, the older, married woman, wise to Don and his ways, but willing to take the ride.

 When Don found out how wise to him she really was, he didn't want to run away with her.  In fact, he left her tied up.  Petty.

 Don, finally did run away, on business, where he found Joy.

 A young beautiful heiress wandering aimlessly from one sunny place to another with her young beautiful family.  She begged (ok, more like asked) him to run away with her, but he declined, and went home to the wife and kids, though not right away.

Then there was Suzanne, aka Miss Farrell, his daughter's second grade teacher.

He wanted to run away with her too, if only for the weekend, and she agreed, only to find herself, suitcase in hand, doing the walk of shame back to her apartment after Don left her waiting in his car for several hours after being ambushed by his wife.  Poor beautiful Miss Farrell needs a good husband.

In fact, the only woman Don has done right by (but never slept with) is Anna.  His sort of ex-wife.

She married Don Draper, only he was the real Don Draper, who went off to Korea and did not come home.  Our anit-hero Don came home with his dog tags, and Anna caught him at it.  Since Anna was a widow and Don wanted to keep pretending to be Don, he bought her a house and treated her really well.

Okay, maybe this is interesting only to me, but aren't the pictures delicious?


  1. NO,NO,it is interesting to me! Nice insight into Don. I love this show cause the writing is so tight and they have these interesting characters, who you probably shouldn't like, but end up liking anyway. They are all back in their total dysfunctional glory!

    Hurry up and watch the episode! Although, I admit I didn't watch til this morning, right after work.

  2. Oh do you keep it all straight? haha I will say...I love all the wardrobe choices!

  3. Train wreck? You know you shouldn't be gawking at the spectacle but you're so interested in how things will ufold that you just can't turn away. Looks like a good show. Maybe I will check it someday.

  4. i've never watched this show but i think i should...everyone seems to love it!

  5. That wife of his is a bit of a cold fish, don't you think.

  6. Anyone who has never seen the show, but would like to, I suggest starting at the very beginning. These people act despicably, but they are complex, and it is their complexities which make you care about them -- even the cold fish wife. If you pick up in the middle, they will simply look despicable and you won't care. Though they will still be nattily dressed. (Well, natty for 1964.)

  7. watched the show with Hubbie one night and am now completely hooked! I am taping the new shows and catching up with the last seasons!

    Don! YOU ARE A TRUE CAD!!!!!!