Friday, July 30, 2010

Mom, The Musical

Okay, folks, I've had it.  My million dollar idea.  Mom, The Musical. 

So, Hubband is still out of town and the kids are making my nuts.  Today, I started singing everything.  Anything I needed to say, and quite a few things I didn't, I put to music and just belted it out like some suburban opera.  It was fun, and for once, the kids didn't talk back.  They just stared at me, bemused and mildly afraid.  I had clearly cracked, and they were trying to back away slowly, so as not to provoke an attack.

Then it hit me.  I would pay to see this.  Well, if the singer weren't me.

I'm imagining a housewife going about her day raising her kids and breaking into song at every turn.  But, the songs are familiar ones.  Standards, popular show tunes that we have all heard.  Except she changes the lyrics, to funny ones.  And her day is full of crazy over-the top kid/mom/house stuff.  Put to music.  I'm kind of at a disadvantage because I am not that familiar with show tunes, but I think this will give you an idea.

Getting up to the alarm.  "I Could have Danced All Night" from My Fair Lady becomes,

I could have slept all night,
I could have slept all night,
And still have begged for more.

Sending her nine year old daughter to her room becomes "Tomorrow" from Annie.

You can come out, Tomorrow
Once you've cleaned your room
And, done your homework

The mom remembers back to the time when she first realized she only had so many hour in the day and she would have to choose between her pre-motherhood grooming and taking care of the kids..."Defying Gravity" from Wicked becomes "Defying Vanity"

I also picture a school drop off scenario, or maybe a PTA meeting, where the working moms and the stay-at-home moms are in different groups singing how the other group has it better.  Back and forth, sort of like "Summer Nights" from Grease.

And it all ends when the kids are tucked safely into bed.  She has some quiet time with her husband, and decides it is time to have another.

Or, maybe I am nuts.  But some day, when someone just as nuts as I am, who knows more about theses things than I do (and has some actual talent), takes this idea and wins a Tony Award, remember you heard it hear first.


  1. hahaha... Oh, you are SO clever! I love this! I am laughing out loud here. It's perfect!

    staring, bemused and mildly afraid....hilarious!

  2. Ah come on. What can any man say here. We just thank the lord our God that he gave us that filter where you can survive.

  3. HA! Fun Tracey!
    Don't let someone ELSE take YOUR IDEA and make a mint off it! You have tuition to pay yet!

  4. it's a really good idea! i would totally pay to see this show!:)

  5. In, I think the early 90's, a group of Vancouver women came up with a show called 'Mom's the Word'. It was a stage show but I had it on a cassette tape and listened to it a LOT. It is absolutely hilarious and worth seeing if you ever get a chance. I loaned the tape to a friend who was going a bit loony with twins and a six year old and never got it back. They have a newer one about living with teenagers, but I've never seen it. Maybe it's available via Youtube? So, yes, your idea has been done to a degree, I'm afraid, though only by Canadians so I'm sure if you take your idea to Hollywood they'll have never heard of Mom's the Word :)
    I love your idea to the music of 'Summer Lovin'
    I would defintely pay to see that.

  6. Do what you gotta do!

    I may try it...maybe one of my "particular" kids may be shocked out of trying to drive her mother crazy.