Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Recent Memories of the Fourth of July

We made s'mores for the Fourth of July this year.  Earlier in the week, when Samuel saw me bring home the ingredients, he was very eager to partake.  I had to put him off with, "No, no, honey.  Those are for the Fourth of July."  After that, he started calling the graham crackers "fourth" and the marshmallows "July."  And the s'mores?  Those he calls "Fourth of July," of course.  I think they may be called "Forth of July" in our house for years to come.

Jonah loved his backyard sparklers, and then sat atop the swing set, nestled in his daddy's lap to watch the various big time fire works shows in the area. 

A little girl's first sparkler.  He face was pure joy.


  1. Mmmmm s'mores. Love the photography of the dancing light.

  2. Yes, s'mores, as in 'Can I have s'more'? because they are so yummy. Did you have a backyard fire for the marshmallows, or cook them over the bbq?

  3. Rebecca, sadly, no. We used the gas stove. It was kind of a low key holiday this year. But the s'mores were still yummy.

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  5. Vince, this is news to me.

    We do have Mexican drug cartels invading daily, trafficing drugs as far as 10 to 15 miles into the country. So much so that a national park, well within the United States, called the Buenos Aries National Wild Life Refuge has been closed to American citizens because it is just not safe. In most countries an armed incursion would precipitate a military response, but not here. Anyhoo...do I have to be worked up about the Russians now too?