Friday, September 17, 2010

The Week in Kids

This week...

I caught Catie and Daddy holding hands on the couch.

Also this week...

Jonah started back to school.

Jonah, waiting for the school gates to open.
You may recall that our school is year-round.  He started the year in mid-July.  He was in for four weeks, then out for four weeks.  This week he was back in, or back on track as it is called.

Also this week...

Cate learned a new trick when swinging or sliding.  She says, "Wee haw!"  Wee haw, indeed.

Also this week...

Was picture day at Sam's school.  So, Sam had to get a hair cut.

I did it myself, even though the kid is a lousy tipper.

Seriously, the kid has a perfect head.
And, Cate had to get dressed up.

Because even though it was picture day at Sam's school, they offered to take a photo of all three kids together.  I'll be sure to show you those pictures when I get them.  (Yes, there is a stool knocked over in the background, because, even dressed like this, she is a bruiser.)

Also this week...

Jonah ran in his school's Fun'd Run to raise money for the school library.  He ran hard too.  Here he is passing a girl in a wheel chair.

Seriously though, the kid ran a mile and a half in fifteen minutes.

(The orange and black and SF Giants gear was the class theme.  We don't really do Giants gear in this house.)

See you next week!

[POST UPDATE:  I did my math wrong.  Jonah actually ran 2.25 miles in fifteen minutes.]


  1. Wow...he really can run! the first picture. I miss my kids being so small that their legs don't hang over the edge of the couch yet. :)

  2. That's cool that the photographer offered to take all three kids at the same time. Can you say Christmas gifts for all the relatives?
    I wish I could run 2.25 miles in 15 minutes! Yeesh!