Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crazy Stuff Jonah Has Said

Jonah, practicing anonymity.
 Our oldest is growing up.  Jonah has, since birth, been very distinctly his own person.  Only now, he is beginning to know it.  Soon, all of the crazy stuff he says and does, which I find so hilarious and blog-worthy, is going to belong to him.  Out of respect for the individual he is, I must stop writing about him.  He will be six in January, and I think that will be the cut off.  But, don't worry, I have two more cute and funny kids to steal material from, while they are still too young to protest.

And, January is four months away!  So, today I bring you Crazy Stuff Jonah Has Said.

"Mom, I love you more than a giant eel with teeth."

"Don't say 'butt head' to a five year old 'cuz he's just gunna say it back."

"Mom, you are wonderful.  You are like a flower to me."

When I serve cheese sandwiches, he calls them "prison food."

When I found him in his room, wrapped in a quilt buried under an upturned laundry basket (with the laundry still in it) I asked him what he was doing.  "Having a think."  He thought like that for two hours.  I kept checking to see if he went to sleep.  Nope.  "Still thinking, Mom."  Finally, wondering if this was some cry for attention, I went in and sat with him.  After a few minutes, I asked him what he was thinking about.  He had this elaborate story about knights and robots and a baby and some kid of battle.  The boy was actually in there thinking.

Mom:  I love you so much.  You have no idea.
Jonah:  That's not true.  I have lots of ideas.

Jonah:  What do paleontologists study?
Mom:  Dinosaurs.
Jonah:  Not anymore.  The dinosaurs are all dead.

Well, that's all I can come up with today.  But, don't worry, I will try to get as much posted before the deadline.  And if you are worried that Jonah's future precociousness will go undocumented, don't be.  I keep a private blog just for him, because I know that when he gets past the self-consciousness of being him, he is going to want to read all of this stuff.


  1. No! Don't stop posting about Jonah!

    Just bequeath all the stories to him in your will. I say if he's not old enough to write his own blog, then mommy should do it for him.

    He's not old enough to write his own blog is he?

  2. No friend, do not stop blogging. I will blog until my fingers cannot type anymore. The precious moments we must treasure and share.


    p.s. hope this worked

  3. Ha, I wouldn't stop blogging either just because they get old. My 10yr and I were talking. She asked what is wrong. I said nothing I am just concentrating. She replies, "oh, weren't you constipated last night too?" LOL!!

  4. The private blog is a great idea, like Jonah's special diary. As he learns to read and write, I guess he gets to write his own posts there too, and add photos he's taken? Maybe it's time to buy him a camera. He sounds like a boy who is ahead of himself and has a lot worth saying.