Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thursday in the Car with Jonah

The most AMAZING five year old I know.  And, I am not biased.

Jonah and I were out for a drive.  A beautiful day.  A simple plan.  A trip to the market.  The conversation went something like this:

JONAH:  Mom, the sky is a lovely shade of light blue.

ME:  Uh-huh.

JOHAN:  I want it to be dark blue.  How do I make it dark blue?

ME:  I don't know, hun.  God is in control of that.  I guess you'd have to ask him

JOHAH:  (Almost immediately, eyes closed)  God, this is Jonah.  Could you please make the sky a dark blue?  I think that would look nice.  If you aren't too busy helping other people who need food or something.  In Jesus name, Amen.

JONAH:  (Eyes open, to see that the sky is still light blue)  I guess he was busy.

ME:  (Absentmindedly.  I am driving.)  Yeah.  He does have his hands full.

There is a break in the conversation here, for about a minute.  Then...

JONAH:  Mom?

ME:  Yeah?

JONAH:  How many hands does God have?


  1. I just love what kids say sometimes. They can bring me out of a reverie so quickly and make me realize just how special they are. Pictures from the previous post are just adorable.

  2. Kids are truly brilliant. I am SO GLAD that this conversation has been recorded for Jonah to hear/read over and over! PRICELESS!

  3. "I guess he was busy" :)

    Oh, if only I took the 'no' answers to my prayers so trustingly.

    This is priceless...and he is SO cute. :)