Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Fine Line Between Quirky and Genius

It is the first day of September, one of my favorite months.  In honor of that, and it being the month of his birth, I bring you a glimpse of our son Samuel.

Samuel is a bit on the quirky side.  He is definitely his own drummer.

Sam, when he was two, at his quirky best.

Some examples:

Sam lost one of his shoes.  So, we got him another pair, just like the first.  Unfortunately, now he must have all three shoes in his possession before he will put two of them on.

His new obsession is "going" to Halloween.  "Drive me to Halloween!" he demands of me.  I tried to explain to him that Halloween is a time, not a place, but he was not convinced.  That, or he knows that time travel is ridiculously simple, and can't believe that we have not figured it out yet.  It could go either way.

In another warp of the time/space continuum, every day is his birthday.  We have conversations that sound something like this.

"It's Sam's birthday today."
"No, Sam.  Not today."
"It's Sam's birthday!"
"Your birthday is in a few weeks."
"No!  Today is Sam's birthday!"

So it goes, and has gone, for months now.

If it happens to be your birthday, you may be greeted with a chorus of "Not your birthday!  My birthday!"

But Sam is more than just the sum of his quirks.  He is also very bright.  We anticipate interesting, if not great, things from him.  So, if you ever meet a boy with an extra left shoe, who tells you he can drive you to his birthday at the end of the month, that might be our Sam.


  1. I think he gets his genius from his mom.

  2. Gotta love the oddballs and free spirits in the family...remind the rest there's always a different perspective in life :) That and not to take life so seriously. We also have a Sam in ours, the youngest named Kiera..she's 7 now, keeps everyone guessing! :D

  3. Such a great portrait of a wonderfully idiosyncratic little one!

  4. I like quirky....quirky is INTERESTING!

  5. I have a photo of my Harry sitting in the tub with his pj's on...he did that several times (as in done bathing, dried, and dressed in footy jammies only to hop back into the full bathtub!)

    Drive me to that! ha.

  6. Look, you cannot put photos of your or any kids on-line for any reason.
    You really have to stop this.
    It is not good on so many levels.

    And if you need Blog photos, give 'them' the camera. Those things are virtually indestructible.
    The Camera, I mean.

  7. I also totally love the concept of driving to Halloween. My vote? He's genius!

    (why is vince worried about the photos? I love the photos!)

  8. he's adorable! and that's a great photo! :)

  9. I love the photos too. And I love the short updates this week - so fun to come and find something new.

    By the way, if you ever do find the directions to Halloween, please let me know. Although I'd rather have directions to Christmas!