Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is in my bag?

Kate from Calamity, Kids, and Other Stuff has tagged me.  It seems she is curious/voyeuristic/nosey about what I carry in my bag.  Well, I am about to tell you, then we can all be bored together.  Yeah!!!  Though, I have to say, I was not bored reading about the contents of Kate's fancy bag.  I am a bit of a voyeur myself.

 Ahh, my little life in a tan leather bag.

Wallet, containing four medical insurance cards, three immunization records, two credit cards, one driver's license, innumerable receipts and seventy-seven cents.

Itty, bitty, notebook, for jotting down ideas or necessities so that I forget neither.  But no pen.


Lip care.  Two lip balms, two lip glosses, and three lipsticks.  Though I usually just glob on the balm I carry in the pocket of my jeans.

Cork screw/bottle opener combo.  Nail clippers.

A few gift cards from Christmas I have not had the opportunity to spend.

Excedrin, baby Tylenol, dental floss, zipper bag of bendy straws, bulletin from church last Sunday, two Madagascar sticker handed out at the pediatrician's office, metal clippy-doo-dad thing for the car seat, and one sad and lonely ear ring whose mate has disappeared forever.

Okay, I am feeling oddly exposed now.


  1. As a bloke, I looked at your list with a mix of do I care/was anything unexpected in the contents. I have ta answer No to both.
    Still in the spirit, what kinda struck me was what was missing. No snot-rags for tiny noses, no emergency supply/spare pants, no chequebook, no spare keys, no ipod/mp3,4,22, no bills/stubs/invoices. There is actually nothing particularly female about the contents at all, except the two type of headache pills. Men would never have two, they would simply quadruple the dose of the kiddy stuff for themselves.

  2. Oh, I am a voyeur too, so this was a lot of fun to read! I wonder what's in my bag...the truth is, I'm not even sure...

  3. Vince, I have a diaper bag for all the kid stuff. And I only have one kind of headache medicine. The tylenol is infant drops in case one of the kids gets a fever. Keys hang on a hook by the door so if I am home, they are not in the bag, and when I am out, they are usually on a lanyard around my neck so as to free up my hands. I don't write checks. And, as a mother, I have very little opportunity to listen to my iPod out of the house. So, there you have it.

    Leah, I had only a vague idea of what was in mine until I looked. I'd forgotten all about the bendy straws, but they come in handy at restaurants when the kids use them.

  4. Did you put it all back in? Did you add anything new?

  5. Rebecca, I just scooped it all backup and dumped it back in there. Still don't have a pen.