Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

My birthday is this month.  My birthday has always been a big deal to me.  It's silly really.  I know that.  But I can't help it.  Every August, I announce my half-birthday as well.

For the fun of it, (fun to me anyway), I thought I would share some of my favorite birthday memories throughout the month.

February 1969 ~ I was born.

My father was in the Army and my parents were dirt poor.  My father had to pay $6 to spring me from the maternity ward at the Post Hospital, but he didn't have it.  His solution.  Pawn the vacuum cleaner.  He made sure he vacuumed first though.  His mother-in-law was coming.

Here I am on the day they brought me home.  Isn't my mom pretty.  She was 22.  

I don't think there exists a similar photo of the vacuum cleaner's return.


  1. Dear heavens, a real smile, a beehive and a car port. AND swaddling the baby, I have not seen that in donkeys years. And And AND you are being carried, carried in a motorcar.
    And your Mom looks twelve not twenty-two.

  2. Happy birthday! I was born in December 69. Ah we children of the sixties (barely). Your mom is very pretty and so happy.

  3. I love my birthday too, but I'm very quiet about it; sometimes even forgetting that it's coming. I guess my celebration is about being here another year and looking forward to everyday, and hopefully many, many more birthdays.

    You would fit well in my household - everybody else celebrates the half birthday and begins to celebrate a month before their birthday gets here. :)

  4. Your mom looks great. I think it partly has to do with the fact that in those days they kept mom and baby in the hospital for two weeks to recover and be waited on! My mom said it was GREAT. Happy Birthday month, Tracey.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday! What a great story!