Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Female Author Edition

I fancy myself a writer, because I love to write.  I don't call myself a writer, because I don't actually, you know, write.  Well, not with enough consistency and discipline.  I think about it.  I plan to.  I mean to.  I probably will someday.  Or maybe I won't.  I'm not too worked up about it either way.

However, there are several women who do (or did) write, and happen to have birthdays in February.   They are, in no particular order:

February 19, 1952

February 19, 1917

February 7, 1867

February 9, 1944

February 18, 1931

February 21, 1927

February 12, 1938

February 3, 1874

February 2, 1905


There is amazing talent on this list.  Amazing!!!!  Click on their names to get more information about any of these women or their writing. 

Oh, and Sarah Palin had a birthday this month too, but just because you can get a book published does not make you a writer.


  1. You picked some fine company to share a birthday month with (except that last non-writer!).

  2. Great choices! Not familiar with a couple, so I'll have to click on the links. Makes me want to read, read, read. Wish I had the time to read more.