Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Cup

Have you ever found a sipee cup under the couch?  Or the driver's seat of your car?  Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hmmm.  I think this is the cup of juice I gave the kid five minutes ago"?  But you weren't really sure.  A quick sniff and visual inspection revealed no fermentation, coagulation, or growth of any kind, so back in the kids mouth it went?

No?  Well, you are a better mother than I am.  The truth is, I have three kids wandering around with cups.  There is only so much I can keep a lid on.  Ha ha.  Keep a lid on.  Get it?

That was until the great cup epiphany of ought seven.  Label cups with name and date.  Never again will Jonah drink out of Sam's cup from two weeks ago.  Well, I can't promise never, but at least I won't hand it to him and say, "Here, drink this."


  1. Wow, now that is organized! You could probably win a contest with that tip. My style of mothering was more like, if it's that sour/moldy/rancid, they won't drink it. Well, it never killed 'em anyway.

  2. Oh yes, i ahve so done that before when my kids were littel. Too funny!

  3. My kids' sippy cups didn't look like yours. Theirs were full of bite marks.

  4. The picture of a sipee -is that how you spell it- I have is of a cousin of mine, now a policeman, holding one up to his face with eyes dancing with impishness.
    But how many of the blasted things have you anyway that you can name and date the things, surely one each and a Sunday one.
    Do they still make them with a weight in the bottom so they are always upright ?.

  5. We used the different color for each granddaughter, but I never thought of putting the date on them. That's genious!

  6. Dreamfarm Girl, my favorite line when someone questions one of my (many questionable) parenting choices is to day..."I haven't killed one yet."

    Rebecca, these are fairly new. I have several that look like they have been used my dogs.

    Vince, I have a bazillion cups, but they keep biting on the lids. And I do wash them regularly, so I only need about six, yesterdays and todays.

  7. I just read your last 9 posts. 9 posts. Seriously you have been busy. This last one is brilliant. I loved the blue cupcakes.

    And every day I consider throwing in the proverbial towel and going back to work. Staying home with my kids is by far the hardest thing I've ever done.

    Keep writing. I'll try to keep up.