Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Canadian Food Fit for Olympians?

Don't hate me.  I didn't say it.  It was the headline in my morning paper.  With the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia fast approaching, the food section ran an article on something about which Americans are completely ignorant ~ Canadian Food.  An argument could be made, and often is, that Americans are ignorant about all things Canadian, but we'll save that for another time.  Today, the food.

Have you ever heard of poutine?  Well, I had not, until this morning.  I warn you, it is not for the gastrointestinally faint.  Are you ready?

French fries and cheese curds, smothered in gravy.   This is poutine.  There is even a website with reviews, recipes and a history of this Canadian original.

I gotta tell you, fries, cheese, and gravy sounds just disgusting.  Fries, cheese, and chili on the other hand...

In answer to the rhetorical headline, I think the answer must be yes.  Canadian food is fit for Olympians.  And, only Olympians.  Food like this could kill a mere mortal.


  1. It takes all types. Pigs feet are all the rage in post-nosh houses in London at the moment.
    In Scotland, Mars bars are dipped in batter and deepfried. So you could say that by the time they thought "what'll we fry next, ah yes Mars Bars" everything else under the sun went in to the fat at 200.
    I think eeeeeww to both.

  2. Vince, sad to say I think the deep fried mars bar is an American invention. They were all the rage at county fairs (where everything that can have be mounted on a stick and deep fired, is) a few year ago. Along with deep fried cheese and deep fried twinkies.

  3. I guess you can eat like this if you burn off every single calorie you eat. Oh, and that wouldn't be me, by the way. I prefer my fries extra cripsy with a huge puddle of ketchup!

    Your new blog look is delightful!!!!

  4. Hey - I love the new look blog. Poutine? That looks .... interesting!? Does it taste good?

  5. Willow, that would not be me either. If I know what if good for me, I will stick with Canadian salmon.

    Kate, I have never had the, er, pleasure of eating poutine. But Rebecca S. should check in soon. Maybe she has had it and she can let us know.

  6. Oh - I think it sounds absolutely delicious. I'd like a big bowl right now.

    Have I mentioned that I'm on Weight Watchers and am starving in this, week 2...

  7. Poutine is a French Canadian treat, which they absolutely love. When I was in Quebec on a student exchange I was given some to try and I thought it was disgusting. My host family also offered me caramel spread for my morning toast, btw. Unfortunately, Poutine has slithered it's way into western Canadian hearts (and arteries), and one of my sons likes it. I would never cook it, though, and you have to use a particular type of cheese curds to be authentic.
    To me it looks like those KFC bowls - a big glob of fat and starch that just sits at the bottom of your stomach. Athletes should not eat it but then, the Olympics are sponsored by Coke and MacDonalds, so there you go!

  8. It looks good, but you're could be lethal.