Friday, February 26, 2010

An Agatha Tracey Mystery

A crime was committed here at uno, dos, tracey, and I think I have solved it.  Theses are the facts.

One Mr. Television Clicker has been missing since Thursday morning at 10:03 a.m.

He was last seen in the company of one Catherine, a known meddler and sneak.

Her mother's statement is as follows:  "I saw Catherine with Mr. Clicker in the hall between her room and her brothers'.   I was horrified.  She knows she is not supposed to be with him.  I was just about to interrupt their tete-a-tete when I was distracted by the arrival of her brother's school bus."  When asked if she did not have but a split second to snatch Mr. Clicker out of Catherine's grasp, she prevaricated.  "I was in a hurry.  I didn't even know the bus was out there until I saw it through the window.  Who knows how long they had been waiting?  Honestly!  Anyway, when I came back in, Mr. Clicker was no where to be seen.  I have asked my daughter repeatedly what she knows, but she refuses to talk." 

Her father's statement is as follows:  "I wasn't here.  I was at work earning money to put food on the table.  The last time I saw Mr. Clicker was when I set him on the end table the previous night before bed."  When asked if this end table would have been within Catherine's reach, he prevaricated.  "Look.  I can't be in charge of everything, can I?  All I know is that if Mr. Clicker does not come home soon I will be forced to play my video games with a 4:3 screen ratio.  This is just devastating."

With a little digging, it was also revealed that this Catherine has quite a past as a trouble make and an abuser of controlled substances.


With this information, a search was mounted.  I looked high and low.  Mostly low, as Catherine has a reach of only about 36 inches.  Her favorite haunts, drawers, and laundry hampers were checked and rechecked.  Then, in the mid-morning hours of Friday, about 24 hours after he was last seen, Mr. Clicker was discovered, face down, in Catherine's dresser drawer.

The conclusion is obvious.  Catherine absconded with Mr. Clicker and was keeping him prisoner in her room.  The suspect is still not talking, but her eyes say, "If I can't have him, no one will."

Another case solved by Agatha Tracey.

 She has been sentenced to three days of only water in her sippy cup.

Don't miss the cutie patootie picture I posted about an hour ago, and then buried with this post.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The post TOTALLY made my day! Poor baby. She was investigated, tried, and convicted. She didn't stand a chance. ;)

  2. Fabulous little mystery! The devilish creature posing as a sweetie pie angel was exposed...good work detective mom!

  3. LOL! Love how the pics went perfectly with the story!

    We had a tv remote that went missing and we never found it!...ever.

  4. Drea, glad I could help.

    DFG, thank you. I was rather proud of myself. It only took SEVERAL hours of looking.

    Betsy, clearly you need to move. You will find it when you pack. Or, it went out in the trash. I searched the trash (inside, not outside, that's just gross).

  5. Ob-Jection. If the said Clicker -a fellow not noted for his loyalty- was last seen accompanying Miss Cate at 10.03 by the vvery hostile witness Tracey AND the school bus was pulling up outside, Well since neither 10.03 AM or PM is the release time for school, at least one of these statements is untrue.

    This case is circumstantial at the very best !.

  6. Hilarious! AND frustrating!

    We have a DVD clicker that disappeared and was NEVER found...there were FIVE suspects!! STILL an unsolved mystery that gets discussed from time to time!

  7. Well done Agatha! The sofa monster keeps getting ours (that starts fires!)

  8. Vince, you are very clever, but actually Sam is only 3 and in a special program. The bus does actually drop him off at ten. I will leave your mind to boggle over how early I have to get him there, as he does not ride the bus to, only from.

  9. Brilliant! Your skills (lawyer, mother, writer-detective) are coming in handy, I take it. Who says motherhood wastes the brain!
    Cute photos, including the trio at the counter.

  10. Why thank you kind lady ;D. If I missed funny, clever will do.

    ---<<<<<<<< a file for the accused.