Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Want to Hear All About Your Trip!

Okay, so no one has actually said that to me.  No one really wants to hear ALL about anything.  (Unless it is how to get rich and thin without effort or moderation, in which case they will stay up way past their bedtimes watching obnoxious infomercials on tv.)  But several people have asked quick questions, here and there, as our busy paths have crossed near enough to hear the sound of each others' voices.  Is the apostrophe in the right place there?  Other's, others'?  I am rusty at this, can you tell.  I can barely type anymore, let alone proof read for grammar (with two Ms--thank you Blogger spell check).

My home for ten days -- Planet Cruise Ship

Just yesterday Hubband, who heretofore would like to be known as Fabio, who sees all and knows nothing, but that is a story for another time.  Just yesterday Fabio asked, "When are you going to tell me about your trip?"  I have not told anybody about my trip.  Well, I was pretty vocal about my ill treatment at the Quebec City airport, but that happened on the way home.  Two weeks ago.

Yes, I have been home two weeks.  I have not talked about my trip.  I have not written for my blog.  Why?  Because when a homeschooling housewife with three little kids goes away for ten days, she must hit the ground running upon her return.  Like anyone who leaves a job behind, the work does not stop (or get done) while you are away.  So, two weeks ago, I rushed back into my daily life, refreshed and happy to be home.  Two weeks, and I am just about caught up.  Just about. was fabulous.  (Fabio-lous?  Ew.  Okay, I won't do that again)  He really was.  But there are things that only I can do.

Like blog.

Am I back?  Yes.  Am I back to blogging?  All I can say is, maybe.  Do you want to hear all about my trip?

My apologies to all my fellow bloggers for neglecting them.  My thanks to Jen at Sunshine SAHM for standing vigil, eager to bear her responsibilities in the event of my untimely end (in a brawl with a skinny blonde French speaking airline employee at the Quebec City airport).  And extra special double hot fudge thanks to Hub...Fabio for making it all possible.

Hope to be back soon.  Really.


  1. I do want to hear about your trip...even the part that involves badly behaved Canadians.

    My mom used to say, we can have our fun while we are away, but the kids always make us pay for it.

  2. Come on...make us green with envy. :)