Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There Ought to be a Law

In California, where I live, you need permission from the government to do almost everything.  To drive a car, you need a license.  To ride a motorcycle, you need a different license.  Your car and your motorcycle each need a third and fourth license of their own.  You need permission to open a business.  If that business sells food, you need another license.  If  it sells liquor, you need license.  If it allows dancing, you guessed it, you need a license.  You can even smoke marijuana legally if you have the right license.

At this point, you may think I am on some political rant about how big government has insinuated itself into the minutia of our lives.  But, no.  This is about Halloween candy.

You should need a license to buy Halloween candy.  And I don't mean the mail-in-or-pay-online kind that you need to become a certified navel piercer.  I mean the kind you need to carry a concealed firearm.

There should be a back ground check, complete with blood work, an assessment of need, and a psychological questionnaire, at least, if not a full profile.  Is the applicant diabetic?  How much trick-or-treat traffic can reasonably be expected on the applicants street, based on historical trends and census data (adjusted for the fact that Day Light Savings Time now ends after Halloween).  Has the applicant ever consumed twenty mini Recess Peanut Butter Cups in one sitting, or more than fifty in a twenty-four hour period?

These are questions we, as a society, should ask before we let people walk into Target and buy seventeen pounds of candy a full six days before Halloween.

That brings me to the last step in the application process.  A waiting period.  Successful applicants would be required to wait until noon on October 31 before making any licensed purchases.

You see, this, like seat belt laws and cigarette taxes, will allow the government to protect us from ourselves.  And, set a really good price for the seventeen sixteen and a half pounds of black market candy hidden in the back of my closet.


  1. HA! Tracey! YOU ARE RIGHT!
    Wait...but it is OH, SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'll trade you all my peanut butter cups for your KitKats. Seriously, I don't buy Halloween candy that I like. Too dangerous.

  3. I broke into the chocolate bars of our Halloween stash the other day and ate the tiniest Twix bar I have ever seen.

    Loved this post!!!

  4. I was wondering where this was going. LOL

  5. Hi Tracey,
    Long time no post and contact! Hope all's good with you and your family. Have you stopped blogging or are you just having an extended break? I've been super-neglectful of my blog recently, but I'm now trying to resurrect it from the ashes. Life's been crazy.... that's my excuse! Kate x