Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Housewife, Ahoy!

I am going on vacation!  No kids.  Sadly, no husband either, as he is staying home to care for the kids.  Have I mentioned that I love this man?

A ten day cruise from NYC to Quebec City.  I am packed and ready to go.  Nothing can go wrong now.  Not the wild fires near my layover city, not a freak earthquake, not a hurricane, not a terrorist attack, not a flood, not a tsunami, not an iceberg.  It's all been done people.  That lightening won't strike twice!  (Add lightening strike to my previous list of things that will not go wrong.)  I'll say it again...Nothing can go wrong now.

Say a little prayer anyway.

If anything exciting happens, I will try to post from the road.  If anything exciting happens which results in my death or permanent incapacitation, my friend Jen from Sunshine SAHM promises me she will come over here and let you all know.


  1. Such a stretch of peace, but you'll miss them. Have a great time!

  2. Yay! good for you! Are you going with a friend? I've done 4 cruises this way...with hubby staying home with kids. It's wonderful! :)

  3. Tracey! WONDERFUL! You will have such a blast. Enjoy EACH and EVERY moment. You will be SO refreshed upon your return!!!!! I am SO excited for you!

  4. A beautiful time to be on the East Coast! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Can't wait to hear about it.

  5. You deserve this nice thing for yourself! Patty and I just got back from New Hampshire and the leaves are beginning to turn - it will be lovely!
    Bon voyage!

  6. WHAT!?! How'd you finagle that one? LOL

    Am I green?


    Seriously, hope this trip is all that it should be; wonderful, peaceful, relaxing, adventurous, exciting, etc. And a chance to be without the balls and chains. :)


  7. I have tagged you over at my blog for a bloggy sort of challenge...if you feel like it :)