Thursday, October 20, 2011

Give me a good reason...

I took this picture on Monday.

They were gone by Wednesday.

Give me a good reason why I should not send my children to live on a banana plantation.

We used all of these bowls in one day.

Give me a good reason why I should not pull a heist at the nearest Correlle plant.

Catie got into the permanent markers.  Again.

Give me a good reason why I shouldn't lock her in the garage with the periodic table and some solvents until she invents Sharpie Remover, safe for...

...white boards...

...and, laminate floors.

Go ahead.  One.  Good.  Reason.


  1. Dear me. I wonder whether well-diluted bleach would help?

  2. i totally have a picture somewhere in my blog where my son drew on my week old laminate floor with sharpie- and i got it all off! mr clean magic erasers. good luck.

  3. Oh dear! Oh dear! Now, I have had SHARPIE incidents...on my FIRST piece of NEW furniture(a sofa) Emma took a Sharpie...I got it out with OXY-CLEAN and LOTS of elbow grease. PLEASE let Cate live! :)

    WOW...that IS a lot of bananas!!!!! I love them too!

  4. OMG! How did I survive those pre-school years! God gives us what we need to stay sane, I guess. :)

    We're a family of five. I buy 6 bananas a week, and still end up having at least one for the pigs at the farm. Of course, when I buy four, it's the week that they want banana splits or something.

    You're a good mom. :)

  5. Drawing on things they are not supposed to draw on never seems to go out of style for kids, unfortunately. Nail polish remover can work sometimes, and to get pen out of clothing, hairspray left on for a bit then dish soap has sort of worked for us.