Sunday, June 26, 2011

And the winner is....

Anonymous.  Seriously.

I had an anonymous comment, so just as a joke, I included her in the drawing.  Of course she won.  But, as Ann Onymous was vague as to her exact location, (She didn't even give me a fake name!) I had to draw again.  Actually Jonah did the drawing.  He thought the whole thing was great.  He even wore his Jelly Belly t-shirt for the occasion.  So, why does his picture, taken with the winning entry look like a mug shot? 

Rebecca S.  from Letters to the World is our lucky winner!  Congratulations, Rebecca!  Just e-mail your address and your jelly beans will be posted forthwith.  As for the rest of you, don't be haters.  Go over and visit Rebecca.  She's Canadian.  Everyone likes Canadians, right?

As for this space here, I may be away for a short time.  I have a little extra help with the kids the next few weeks, so I am catching up on all of the housework I neglected during school.  I want everything to be spick and span and organized for when school starts up again in August.  Only six weeks left of summer for us.  I'm already excited.  So, miss me, people, miss me.  (I can't possibly stay away that long.)


  1. You will be missed! Congrats Rebecca S. from Canada! Yes, I believe it's a requirement to like Canadians ;)

  2. I'll miss you Tracey. I hope you get your home shining like a new pin, as we say over here! Damn! I LOVE jelly-beans. Packaging to the UK would have been pricy anyhow!

  3. congrats to rebecca! how fun! Enjoy your summer and getting ready for school. Time is flying by!

  4. Well congrats to sweet Rebecca! Enjoy that fruity deliciousness!

    Laughing at that MUG shot!!!

    I have to admit that school starting just MIGHT be a joyous occasion for me this year! :)

  5. !!!! oh me of little faith - I won. How hilarious! O well, being anonymous is less fattening. Enjoy your time away. I, too will miss your site. Ha ha I guess for now I will stay anonymous but I will add "anonymous, from Upstate New York." Congrats Rebecca!!!! Save the pina` colada jelly bellies for last - they're my most favorite favorites!!!!

  6. Wow, I never expected all these comments full of congratulations. What good sports they all are! I have a family full of sweet toothed individuals so I won't be eating all those jelly bellies myself, that's for sure.
    Jonah looks that way perhaps because he just realized you will be sending that box away?
    (I hope you got my email, Tracey)and good luck with the cleaning. We are just starting ten weeks of summer holidays here.

  7. Congrats Rebecca!! My daughter lives in Vancouver so now I'm required to like Canadians I guess, eh?

    Tracey, don't work TOO hard... We want you back soon with fully functioning (typing) fingers :)

  8. I've been away on vacation, but I guess that wasn't a factor in me not winning the jelly beans.
    I'm jealous Rebecca. I'll bet you all have eaten them all. :)

    Seriously, I'm adding my Congratulations, too!