Tuesday, June 21, 2011

International Sam of Mystery

Samuel has taken to wearing disguises.

He calls them disguises.

I call them extra laundry.

I'm glad he is able to express himself.

Now, if only he would learn to fold.

Just a reminder that the Uno, Dos, Tracey Jelly Belly Give-Away is still going on.  Make sure you check it out; follow the link and leave a comment.  All that sugar-y goodness in a decorative tin can could be yours.  You still have a 1 in 12 chance!


  1. Oh, that is cute! That kid needs a dress up box!

  2. My first thought was of a dad featured on Good Morning America who came out of his home, dressed in a costume every morning when his son's school bus came. All kinds of costumes! One was a mermaid, complete with belly out and a bra. The son must have done something wrong. :)

    Sam, apparently, has the same talent and creativity.


  3. Laughed out loud (really!) at Anita's comment!
    You go Sam, show us all your sides!