Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bend it like...

Do you remember the moment your oldest child figured out you are mortal?  My moment came last week.

I have always wanted to be a mom.  I have never wanted to be a soccer mom.  I am fine with mini-vans, juice boxes, and sun screen bought in bulk.  I just don't want to spend every Saturday morning, for the next fifteen years, sitting on the sidelines of a soccer field.  And, that's not even counting the practices.

Unfortunately, you can not be any kind of mom with out a kid.  And, my kid seems to be better at kicking a ball than pretty much any activity he has tried.  I don't want to be a bad mom, so we have enrolled Jonah in a soccer class.  It only meets once a week, on Friday nights.  This I can live with.  If he loves it, I may need to take it like a big girl; pull up my mom jeans and a camp chair, because Saturday morning soccer it will be.

So far, he has had two classes.  Afterwards, we go out for frozen yogurt, just the two of us.  I miss that one-on-one time, now that school is out.  We have the best conversations.

"Mom, I'm pretty good at soccer," he said, after his second class.


"Yeah.  Except sometimes I trip over the ball."  This is true.  I have seen it.  He is getting better, though.  He gets up a lot faster now.

"Well, honey, sometimes that happens," I said, knowing how easily he can get frustrated.  "You can't be good at everything right away.  You will get better with practice."

"Why can't I be good at something right away?"

"You just can't."  You can't, can you?  I mean, it's never worked for me.  "Even the best soccer player in the world had to learn how to play first.  And then he had to practice."

"Who's the best soccer player in the world?"

"Honestly, I have no idea."  I am going to be a really bad soccer mom.  "I know who the most famous soccer player in the world is."


"David Beckham.  He's from England."  All I know about soccer I learned from People Magazine.

"Is he good?"

"Oh, I'm sure.  I think being good is what made him famous."

"Maybe I'll be like him someday."

"Maybe," I said.  Minus the tats and the plastique wife, I thought.  Posh, my foot.

"Can we go see him?"  See him?  See him how?  See him play?  On the street?  For tea?  Doesn't matter.  The answer is the same.

"I don't think so," I said.

"Why not?  Won't the Queen let you in?"  How did this get to be my fault?

"No.  I don't think the Queen much cares.  I can get in to England."  Okay, so I was a bit defensive.

"Well, we should go to England and meet him."  Sure.  It's that easy.

"Honey, it's not that easy.  He's famous.  All kinds of people want to meet him.  I wouldn't even know where to find him."

"Call him up and ask him."

"I can't just call him up.  It's doesn't work like that."

"Why not?" he asks.  Why not, indeed.  The child's line a reasonable, yet ridiculous questions had me off balance.  I was now engaging in this debate.

"Well, for starters, I don't have his number."

"You should get it," he says, all matter of fact like.

"I can't get it."

"Forget it," he said, resigned and disgusted.  "I'll have Daddy call him."

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  1. I love it how our kids think we can do everything! The older they get, the more they realize we have our limits....but still they ask. We give them security and hope. Just like my parents STILL do...I call them when I don't know where to go. What a heavy burden! We can only help them figure it out. Praying for wisdom for you!

  2. David Beckham for a team in Los Angeles now. You don't need to go to England. He even has a blog website Not that I'm a big fan.

  3. Los Angeles? Heck! You don't even need a passport. Once Hubband gets Beckham's number, call him up and tell him you'll be a soccer mom if he'll meet your son. Maybe you'll even end up in People magazine. :)

    I can't wait to hear what comes out of my kids' mouths. They are so simple and yet complicated at the same time. I think you'd look great on the sidelines, trying to keep Cate from running onto the field and telling Sam he'll have to wait until after the game to go to Halloween. I'm now adding "Make Jonah a fabulous soccer player" to my bedtime prayer list. *wink*

  4. I caught up on your blog yesterday, but I can't seem to leave comments in this format on our old laptop. Anyway, someone already broke it to you that David Beckham is a L.A. Galaxy player. Darn! That was the only clever thing I had to say.
    Get ready to pull up your 'mom jeans' Love it.