Friday, July 8, 2011

Samuel Explains A Lot

This morning as I was dressing, Samuel bolted into my room.  I could have sworn I locked the door.

"Mommy, I'm all dres..."

He stopped mid-sentence as soon as he saw me.  I was mostly dressed, but from the waist up, I wore only my bra.  Lovely bra.  Pink it is.  Hubband says it reminds him of a doughnut he once knew.  But, enough of that.

Where was I?  Oh, yes...When Sam stopped mid-sentence, I realized he was staring at my breasts.

"Samuel, don't stare at my breasts,"  I said, as I covered myself.

His eyes did not move.

"Samuel.  Don't do that it is rude.  Look at my eyes."  I pointed at my eyes.

He looked at my eyes.  Then back to my breasts.  I couldn't believe it.

"Samuel.  My eyes."

He looked at my eyes.  Then back to my breasts.


"I can't look at your head when you have breasts."

I'm sure this means something.  Something big.  If only I could put my finger on it.  Ah, yes.  I need to get a better lock for the bedroom door.  And maybe a pink doughnut.


  1. I don't have any boys so I don't know how old they should be when you lock the door. Hmmm...

    By the way, did you breastfeed him? Was he having some sort of a flashback, or is he just fascinated because he's never seen Mommy in the pink bra? :)

  2. LOL! LOVE this. Ah, typical man he is.
    We don't have a lock...can you believe that? This is an oh-so-cute story. :)

  3. Sam...what a cutie. I love his honesty! (The Jelly Bellies arrived yesterday! Thanks - we are enjoying them!!! And I ate all the coffee ones right away.)

  4. Ha! So funny!
    We have NO modesty in our house! No one thinks anything of running about in their unders!!!!!