Friday, June 10, 2011

The Week in Kids

It's been a long time since I have posted The Week in Kids.  But, it is summer and I have more time.  And, it is summer and we are crazy busy.

This week...

Tante Tricia (my sister) came to visit.

She brought ice cream.

And, baby Lucas.

What?  They won't let me have any ice cream.  What else am I supposed to do?

Also this week...

...the boys had their first ever swim lessons.  They are in the Seahorse class, which is only one step above the Starfish class.  As Sam pointed out, "Starfish can't swim."  Neither can you baby.

Also this week...

...we went to the Jelly Belly Factory (more on that to come) and ate jelly beans until our teeth rotted out of our heads.

Also this week...

There are movies on the ceiling at this dentist.  They don't make his teeth any stronger.

...Sam had to go to the dentist (again), only to confirm that his teeth have, in fact, rotted out of his head.  He has cavities in fourteen of his twenty teeth.  We're talking root canals and caps and stuff, under general anesthesia.  This is not happy news.

Also this week...

...I gave Cate a tub of water and some plastic dishes, so she could "do dishes" just like Mommy.  She promptly took off all her clothes and jumped in.  Uh...she never learned that from me.

Also the week...

...Cate got a new swim suit.  Which she insisted on trying on.  Immediately.

And, posing in.

Okay, what is this about?  Supermodel pout, working the tutu swimsuit over pajamas look.

Also this week...

...we returned Tante Tricia's visit with one of our own.  Uncle Jim gave lawn mower rides.  (And, launched rockets, but more on that later, too.)

See you next week!!! (maybe)


  1. That starfish thing reminds me of a story...we went swimming with friends when their son, Simon and our Kate were about four. Simon, who had that boyish habit of pretending he was a predatory animal said he was a t-rex that was going to eat everyone. His mom tried to refocus his idea into a gentler one. She suggested the kids pretend they were sea creatures. Kate said, 'I'm a starfish!' After a short pause Simon asked, 'Mommy, what eats startfish?'
    I guess Sam's going to have to lay off the Jelly Bellies for a while, poor child.

  2. Baby Lucas steels the show there with that fist in his mouth! ha.

    Taylor had to have his top four teeth removed when he was three. They had completely rotted. Ugh. They had to be done at the local children's hospital under general anesthesia, too. So he looked like a little toothless tiger under the permanent ones came in when he was seven or so.

  3. top four front teeth I should have said!

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