Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little of This, a Little of That

It has been a crazy, busy summer.  I thought I would just post a quick update.

I wrote a few months ago about being at the dark end of a tunnel.  Well, those days are behind us.  I won't be having a baby in January, but Hubband won't be losing his job either.  At least not for the next six months.  That also means that we won't be moving.  For now.  Hubband's big test is behind him.  He is back at work, and home at night.  He gets his results in October.

 My tunnel is looking more like this one.

In fact, we are all fairly healthy and happy.  I went to the coast two weekends ago, with my mother.  I have pictures.  (They are the ones included here.)  Hubband and I went to Seattle last weekend for his sister's wedding.  I don't have pictures.  And Hubband and Samuel have a daddy/son weekend planned amongst the giant redwoods.  There probably won't be proper pictures of that either.  Jonah's 'off track' at his year round school.  Cate is a girl who can't say 'yes,' but has mastered 'no.'  We scrapped a family trip to "the Mouse Castle" (our grown-up code word for Disneyland) because we have decided to keep Samuel in a private pre-school, and we are going to need all of our money for that.

Hopefully, I will be back here in a few days with something clever to say.  Seattle was pretty interesting.  I was a black hole for cell phones, I met a guy with a handle bar mustache, and I heard an awesome band playing in a stairwell.  I might have enough there to work with.  Until then, enjoy the pictures of the Mendocino (California) Coast.

The Methodist (?) church in Elk, California

The sky along California Hwy 1

The Lighthouse at Pt. Arena

Lunch. At this place.

And flowers in the garden.

Hydrangeas grow so well in that climate.

The whole garden was amazing.

Unfortunately, Blogger keeps turning this photo on its side.  You'll just have to trust me.


  1. Your life seems to be a reflection of mine right now. I hope things start to make sense soon. I am so sorry it's been such a rough summer. But fall is coming and at least we can look forward to sweaters. Right?

  2. I'm glad your tunnel is looking a little shorter with some light shining in! :) I'm with Carolyn...I want sweater weather!

  3. PS ~ Blogger has been a pain to me today, too!

  4. Wow! Still so jealous of your weekend away from it all... but glad you got one. The pics are wonderful.
    Mouse Castle will be there when Samuel is done with school. You prioritized right on that one.
    Gracie also seems to have the yes/no syndrome. Do you think she caught it from Cate???
    Hopefully this summer will bring the chaos to a close, and fall will bring a new beginning (and a congratulations letter for Hubband). Thanks for the update. :)

  5. ah pretty pictures! so happy to hear that things are brighter now for you and your family!

  6. Yes, things do calm down after a storm, or a difficult time in the dark tunnels of life. I am feeling somewhat the same way these days, though our summer, too has been a bit nuts. A lot of coming and going. Anyway, thanks for sharing the photos of your little holiday with you Mom. California is a place I would very much like to see - it really is beautiful. The Hydrangeas are all in bloom here, too.